Saturday, April 26, 2014


You know I get stuck on small playlists. Here's what's been on repeat lately:
1. "Odd One" - Sick Puppies {Thanks to James}

2. "Yesterday" - The Beatles {Thanks to Daddy}

3. "Wicked Game" - Stone Sour {Thanks to Spotify}

4. "Can't Remember to Forget You" - Shakira and Rihanna{I know, I know} {Thanks to society}

5. "Sit Down by the Fire" - The Veils {Thanks to Gem}
I especially recommend "Odd One" and "Wicked Game" :) James showed me the former along with the comment "This reminds me exactly of you. Please don't be offended."

I listened. And I was flattered.



  1. my repeat song as of late has been "never stop" by safetysuit. it's short and sweet and i can't stop listening to it. ha.

    1. I LOVE that song. It's gonna be in my wedding someday....