Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dear You...

So, Sweet Pea tagged me the other day with this really fascinating new tag:

Write a letter beginning with "dear you" and only using pronouns. Then tag people.

Dear you,

This letter already sounds funny to me because who else could I be writing to? I mean, if you're reading it, I'm obviously addressing you... Anyway.

How's life? Where are you? Are you in college? You'd better be. We better still share principles and standards and dreams and such. If you aren't in college, there had better be a damn good reason.

Assuming that you are, what are you majoring in? {I love how the first thing I ask you about is school...we're so sad sometimes.} I'm going to guess philosophy is in there somewhere...or maybe not. I've heard you either LOVE it or HATE it, so it could have gone either way for you. Maybe you're taking a lot of English, considering the whole writer thing. Or even history, because frankly that got a lot more fascinating the last couple of years of high school. Tell me poli-sci still the in the picture. It has to be. Even if you never become a lawyer, it's so right up your alley. Take it.

Anyway, enough about school. Have you, you know, met anyone special? I pretty much kind of, like, really super sort of totally hope you have. Because I'm a little bit worried about you. But just a little bit, really. I mean, high standards are GOOD {and I don't want you lowering them}, but at the same time, you have a pretty narrow definition of an acceptable guy. Don't get me wrong, I like the definition a lot, I'm just worried about you actually finding someone to fill it.

Sorry, I'm depressing you. OR maybe I'm making you laugh! Maybe you've found an amazing guy who's smart and witty and good-looking and hilarious and good at arguing and a Christian and everything. Maybe right now you're rolling your eyes at me for being so worry about you. I hope you are. I really hope you are.

Let's see, what shall I ask you abut now that the basics {school and boys} are covered? Writing? How's that going? Please keep it up. Remember how many people tell me that I have a gift? Well, I'm starting to give a little bit of credence to that, like maybe you need to use writing seriously in your life. Don't forget that. Just because I'm younger doesn't mean I don't know what I'm talking about--and so does everyone else. WRITE.

And don't lose touch with your friends, okay? I know you have trouble with letting people go, and sometimes you just cut them off completely when you feel them slipping. Try to find a happy medium there, if you haven't already. There's a place between clinging tragically to your old friendships and completely burning the bridges. My friends are important to me, and I insist that you treat them with respect. Remember how close I am to them?

Last, don't lose sight of the man upstairs. Considering I can't use his proper-noun-name, I'm going to assume you're still bright enough to figure that one out. Remember how he watched over me when I was across the pond? That was huge. He has even bigger plans for you than I do, or even you have for yourself, and his are infinitely better. Like, literally. So listen, think, act, all that good stuff. Es muy importante.

So yeah. I guess that's it. Read, write, keep up with your love of metalcore and languages, notice your elf ears, be smart about tattoos, and read labels for peanuts.

Yep. That about does it.

In case you were wondering, this letter is from me to 20-year-old Stephanie, just three short years from now. Um, yikes.

Let's see...Jay, Philosophia, Psycho Babbling Basher? You wanna have a go at this?


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  1. Thanks Stephanie, that doesn't look like an easy challenge :p

    I liked your letter :)