Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stephanie's Europe Journal: Day 3

Day 3


"Hi. It's 8:25ish AM. I thought I'd feel better today. I don't especially. I don't feel a ball of tears in my throat, but I don't really feel anything. More resigned. Numb. I think this is going to be like the Indianapolis mission trip: I don't actually have that good a time, but it's a step I need to take so that I can next time.

Only 17 more days!! :D

{on the bus that morning}

We're on the bus to a bull-breeding farm XD It's 10:54 AM. I'm feeling some better.

Yesterday we did mostly sight-seeing, including this statue of a famous writer and his two main characters. On top of the statue was a globe held by a person from each of the 5 continents.

So, about the kiss. I sat across from 2 16-year-old guys. One was actually from Madrid and had been in the US at a swimming camp. The other was from Mexico and on vacation headed for Paris with his family. The Spanish guy, Daniel, talked a lot and spoke English well. The MExican guy, Frank, was shy but really sweet and seemed to struggle more with English. I talked a little more slowly with him and he seemed to appreciate it.

At first Frank was right next to me. We talked about what we were both doing here and stuff. I told him I was excited to travel and learn Spanish. When the safety video came on in Spanish, I tried really hard to pay attention and translate it in my head. He suddenly laughed good-naturedly.

"You should see your face," he grinned.

Before that the pilot spoke Spanish over the intercom. Because there weren't subtitles with that, I got nothing. He {Frank} asked me if I did and I told him nope, what did he say? So he told me.

"Ah. De sky ist clear, and zey are going play a video on...on safety."

In the middle {of the plane ride}, Frank and Daniel changed seats so Frank could sleep on the window. Daniel talked so much more, even thought I didn't talk as much back.

He hates Spain. He says people don't treat him well and every time he returns, he knows it's not his home. He says the US is his home when I asked.

I wonder what it would be like to hate your country. I love America. I want to travel, but I'm proud of my country.

I asked what was wrong with Spain. He said he didn't know because if he did he would change it. I liked him, but as we kept talking I realized he had such complete contempt for his country that it bleeds over into his view on other things.

"When the plane lands the Spanish people will probably clap," he said. "That's how pathetic they are."

"I don't think that's pathetic!" I said. "I think it's cool. How is it pathetic?"

He seemed taken aback. "Because it's the pilot's job to get us here. He's supposed to."

"But it's much harder than we think, I'm sure."

"So? It's his job. He gets paid lots of money--LOTS of money--to fly the plane."

He left before the plane landed because he was unaccompanied, but not before getting my name for Facebook. I got Frank's name for Facebook too, but I had to ask. He already had it written down though :) He gave it to Claire and Karson too, who were the real flirts of the his flight. I honestly didn't even notice Frank and Daniel until they started batting lashes at them. They had to ask Daniel, the one they liked best, for his Facebook ;) Is it awful that I feel smug that HE asked ME? This whole thing gets more ironic btw. Keep reading.

After Daniel left, Frank moved back to seat. We talked some, and then the plane landed.

"WEll, it was good meeting you," I said as we got up.

"I'll see you in baggage claim," he reminded.

"Oh, yeah. Okay. Bye!"

We did see him at baggage claim. I smiled; I really was glad to see him. Any familiar face was nice at that point.

We were on the opposite sides of the room, so I really didn't think we'd ever talk again.

As I waited to find my luggage, I turned around and there was Frank, quite close to me actually. I was surprised, but no threatened-feeling or anything. He said, "It was very nice meeting you." He was almost nervous-looking, kind of jittery, but not unsure. I smiled, but it was probably a little dull; I was exhausted and frankly (pun intended) dazed that he'd come over.

The next thing I knew, his hand was lightly on my left upper arm and his head was right next to mine on the right. Everything both stopped and went fast. He kissed, like, my hair sort of. His face brushed mine. He backed off and smiled.


I was dazed, totally, but I think I played it off okay, really. I said bye back and he left. The 4 girls around me were like :O and we all laughed, but mostly them. I was too dazed and my face was on fire. I think the blush stayed for a least 5 minutes. I kept smiling and blinking. They were all like,

"We've only been in Spain for like 15 minutes!"

"I am so jealous!"

"Look at you!"


We're back on the bus! It's 15:22, or 3:22 PM. we spent the morning at the farm where they raise bull fighting bulls! They're bred bigger, stronger and more aggressive than any other breed. The actual bulls are not ever trained. The mothers, the cows, are trained to be wild and strong and aggressive, and then the breeders assume the bulls get those genes.

Bulls are killed after fights usually, but if a bull fights especially bravely and well, the crowd can ask for the bull to live, and he'll be retired to breed. The bull-fighting bulls are said to be more noble and braver than others.

We just finished playing "Green Glass Door." :) Haley and I knew it already, so we played with Michael and Jessica. Jessica got it pretty fast and then we played with Dena {pronounced dehn-AY} and...I'll remember her name in a minute. Now Haley's playing the riddle where the guy hung himself and there's a puddle on the floor :) I'm having a really fun time right now, but 17 days still seems like a long time."


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  1. The whole kiss part is like how an YA book would start :)