Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stephanie's Europe Journal Day 4 Continued

Day 4 (continued)


"All too soon, it was dinnertime. Consuela served us salad {lechuga y tomates}, French fries and chicken. At least that's what we were told. It was brownish and boned, er, like, bone-ful; lols XD

Feeling completely helpless, I ate. Salad, fries, chicken, water. Til I couldn't do it anymore. Then I saw there was a piece of bread too. >.< Noooo, lols XD I chocked down almost all of it. Still, Consuela asked me about why I didn't eat. I told her it was good and patted my stomach to say, "I'm full!" I still felt terrible throwing away the food.

After dinner, Kira and Hannah went into their room and watched Scrubbs on a laptop. Alicia joined.

What the heck?! was my thought. We're in SPAIN. We're in someone's HOUSE in SPAIN! And they're gonna be reclusive and watch American TV? Not me. I went into the dining room/living room and sat down. Lucia was watching "The Simpsons" in Spanish. I said, "Hola" and she said it back, and we watched in silence for a few minutes.

I practiced a sentence in my head, organizing it and checking it. I breathed in and said, "Tu tienes hermanos y hermanas?" {Do you have brothers and sisters?}

She said a lot, but I only retained that she had a brother, and I asked his name. It's Juan. She told me some other people and some ages, but I only remember that she'll 11. She said, once she was done,

"Cuantos anos tienes?"
"A sis--un hermana."
"No, cuantos anos tienes!"
"Oh! Diecisiete."
"Muy bien," she smiled.

She motioned me to sit on the couch, and when Alicia came Lucia gave her the other couch seat. Then Lucia showed me her DS. "Juego," she said. And she showed me lots of juegos {games}.

Not much else happened that evening. It was 10:30 before I realized , and since I couldn't call home I sent Momma a text from Hannah's phone. I hope she got it."

Once again, to be continued XD I have school work to do now unfortunately. *sob*


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