Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stephanie's Europe Journal: Day 2

Day 2


"Well, I'm in Spain! Right now we're chilling at the baggage claim, and I'm starting to think our luggage is lost. Oh well, it'll work out eventually.

I'm so exhausted! I got about 4 hrs on the plane.


The bags were fine.

It's now 3:30ish {pm} I'm guessing and we're in the Prado! I keep falling asleep without realizing, but I really want to stay awake. Lunch was okay but we ate at the Hard Rock and they gave us specially made menus...which was a little disappointing.

We've been touring the city. Taking pics but I doubt I'll remember what they are! I've never been so tired!

{that night}

Alright it is now 9:38pm and we're at the Holiday Inn. I've discovered that I didn't pack my khaki cargo pants, which pretty much drove me to tears. I'm still holding some back, but I guess it's cause of TOM, lol.

We don't have to get up til 8, so yay. I can't wait to sleep.

It's because I'm tired, I know, but I cannot remember what I'm doing here. I'd like to be home.

I got kissed btw. 15 minutes off plane. But I can't talk now. I'm too down."

How's that for a cliff-hanger for ya? ;)


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  1. Cliffhanger!!

    So you went to Europe without your family but were you with a group or other people?