Monday, August 15, 2011

Stephanie's Suck-Fest

Hi. I was planning to post about the Virtue Chronicles some more. I need help with a character's name and I wanted to get your opinion. But I feel like hosting a pity party instead. You are invited, {but not obligated} to come.

My bad week started Wednesday, when school started. {Coincidence? I think not.}

I'm already behind in math. Whoopee! And I need to apply to college NOW. Like, right now. And I don't even have the SAT score to get in because of math. I got 31% of the SAT math. Shoot me.

There's no way in hell that I can do physics {just being realistic here}, which is technically okay because I have all the science credits I need to graduate, but it was discouraging to realize how much I suck.

Class in general just bored me. Blah.

Thursday, math went horribly again. Lesson 1 and I needed help with literally half the problems. Screw this. Screw myself. Screw math.

On Friday, my family got into some horrible mood where they blame all their problems on me and then give me the silent treatment when I react to them really badly. That doesn't actually bother me, except for the part where whenever I need a favor, I'm the devil.

Also on Friday, none of my friends could go to a movie. So I spent Friday night...on my couch--not talking to my family.

On Saturday I slept too late and was rushed trying to catch a different movie which I was being taken to by my mother who still wasn't really speaking to me. Fun stuff.

Then I had an actually good evening involving friends and ice cream, but then of course I had to get back in the car with my family, who suck, and go home, which sucks.

Yesterday was probably the BEST day of all. And by 'best' I mean 'worst'."

I woke up late.
I lost my shoes.
My makeup wouldn't look right.
My new dress makes me look fat.
My new shirt shows my bra.
My new jacket was too heavy to wear this time of year to cover up the previous two issues.
My family rushed me.
I dropped my breakfast on the floor.
I was made to clean the house, which I didn't do yesterday. {Which is really completely fair, but it still added to the suckishness of my day.}
My newest close friend ran away from home.

Yes. Yes, she did. Back to her mom, who's NOT a good...anything. Guardian, influence, friend, whatever. She's bad news. And I was really getting to be close to this girl. And JUST THE DAY BEFORE we hung out and had a great time and her Facebook status was even about how much fun she had. And now she's gone.

I feel like I lost two friends in the same week, which is really melodramatic, I guess. Ellie didn't LEAVE she just got ENGAGED.

*blood pressure rises*

Aw, shit. My mom just came down and was really nice to me and tried to help me feel better. And now I feel like a moron for being rude about her this whole post.

But she really has been a girl dog too, I swear.

*SIGH* Whatever.

This past week sucked. Let's hope today is an improvement.

Oh God. It's Monday.

There's just no hope, is there?




  1. You sound like you need an atomic size hug :)

    I'd love to offer you help in Math but I suck at it and I'm totally useless in Physics. I look at Math formulas and my brain just turns to static.

    I'm sorry your weekend sucked so much with the family friction.

    As for your engaged friend you already know what I think about that, and your other, you have had a bad few days.

    All I can say is I hope this week is better :)

  2. Just think, you're getting all the sucky things out of the way this week so next week is going to be awesome for you :)

  3. it'll be alright, i promise! and i'm already in college and never in my life have i had to do physics! oy!