Friday, August 12, 2011

Nick Names

Welcome, Anonymous Ann, and thanks for following :D Hope you enjoy Pandora!

I love nicknames, which makes sense because I'm obsessed with names in general. When I was little I especially liked long names because you could get so many nicknames out of them. I would sit in my room and write down different names and create outrageously far-fetched nicknames to go with them.

Elizabeth: Eliza, Beth, Liz, Lizzy, Lizbeth, Betsy, Betty, Bet.
Anastasia: Anna, Ann, Stasy, Stasia, Tacey.
Alexandria: Alex, Alexis, Alexa, Alexi, Alexia, Alli, Xandra, Xandria.

And then there are the horrible nicknames your mom gives you. I've been christened some real doozies in my years. Check these out:

Sweet Sugar {Not so bad.}
Noodle {...what?}
Noodle Beet {Can I get a wtf?}
Noosk {We've graduated to completely made-up words now...}

I don't even have the excuse of "Oh, my sister couldn't say my name when she was little so..." Nope. Not even. A fully grown woman gave me those.

Now, my sister has some reeeeeally interesting ones too, but guess who's fault that is? >:D *evil laugh* Oh yes. Yours truly. I was a truly creative and random little child at age two. Some of Sarah's nicknames include...

Soo-Potato {That one's actually from my mom.}
Seech {Lucky for her that one was retired when I was about six.}

What I want to know is why we didn't get cool nicknames like kids in movies, or even my friends? Something like...

The Camera {the Cam Jansen books}
Firecracker {my friend's older brother}
The Brain {Arthur}
Peanut {a friend who's allergic to peanuts}
Bubbles {Galleria in The Cheetah Girls}
Mo {Mortimer in Inkheart}

*sigh* Oh well. The thing about nicknames is that you rarely get to choose your own. That's one thing that was so appealing for me about Blogger in the beginning: You can.

Of course after a while, your name starts to become a part of your identity, whether you like it or not. I got tired of being >insert alias here<. I'm just Stephanie now, and I like that a lot better.

Noosk, however, stays right here, got that? What happens on Pandora...

What about you guys? What are some nicknames you like or hate? How'd you get them?



  1. My full name is Jayson, and 99% of people shorten it to Jay. My best friend called me JCPenny, which only he was allowed to do, and because of a pathetic attempt to pun my last name, I was called "wheels" by a lot of people. I've always believed the one definition of a nickname was you couldn't give it to yourself. That's why "the situation" is such a stupid name to me.

    1. "The Situation."

  2. my friends nicknamed me dtruztee and i still have no idea why...

  3. My name is Mary, and I HATE HATE HATE it when people call me Mar. Is it really that difficult to put one more letter on the end? Not to mention, it's Y!!! I love y, don't ask me...why. Also, for a while my brother called me Flober (ever seen Muppet treasure Island?) which I hated, but in hindsight I sort of like. And my other brother used to call me kook, which makes sense. I'm pretty weird :D

  4. Well I suppose being called Hazelnut was inevitable at school but my family call me Haze or Hazy. Mainly Haze though. Then there's the usual common "pet" names that my dad still calls me to this day such as dotes and toots. Lol I think they're cute :)

  5. i seriously have loads of nicknames. some of them deal with my name, and some of them don't. but i mostly love all of them. mostly. haha.

  6. My name is so long.. Annjulie.
    People shorten it to: Ann, Julie, Ju, Annju...

    And now my classmates want to call me Nemo.. God knows why...

  7. JW: I love the name Jayson! And I love different spellings, so that's doubly awesome, lol XD Yeah, The Situation takes the stupid cake XD

    Sarah: Haha, whoa, how do you pronounce that??

    Shurt'ugal: Really? Huh, I like Mar, BUT it's your name and you have full rights to hate or not hate a shortened version XD Haha, Flober XD Never seen the Muppets, but I like the sound XD

    Hazel: Hazelnut is cute, but of course, not that original XD I like Haze a lot though. Those are cute pet names XD

    Natalie: I'm glad! Lols XD I remember at least one of them from reading your blog :)

    Ann: That is an awesome name. I love it. Nemo! Haha, that's great XD