Saturday, May 26, 2012


Thanks for following, Lisa and Jessie!

Today, I graduate high school. Today is the official end of an era and the theoretical beginning of a new one.

My classes have been finished for over a month now, so the ceremony feels a little disconnected from my actual high school career. All the same, it's a big milestone, and something to add to my list of "Noteworthy Personal Events" in my Twenty-Twelve journal.

{You have my permission to laugh.}

I'd feel a lot better about graduating if I had solid college plans for the fall though XD I tell you, I never imagine myself in a position like this. Absolutely not. All my life I assumed I would apply to Wake Forest, get accepted, and go. No gap year. No community college. Nothing but a smooth transition to Wake Forest in the fall of 2012.

Well, that's not gonna happen XD I just have to believe that it's not happening for a reason. Hopefully I'll see that reason sooner rather than later.

But ANYWAY, happy graduation to me and a lot of my friends! I still haven't gotten any of your presents {except for Sam's} and when I do they will probably be lame because I suck at gifts!

Yeah. I'm



  1. Wow, wherever you live...they end school super early! I ended in June & graduated ~5 days later! Congratulations =)

  2. Congratulations! I wish I had some words of wisdom or something, but seeing as I'm younger than you...
    Haha, anyways, good luck! I really believe that you'll make it far in whatever you choose to do. You seem wise beyond your years, and that will certainly come in handy!

    ~ Sonja Renae (:

  3. Congratulations!

    I am sure it will all work out in the end, and best wishes for next year :)

  4. Congratulations! Graduation ceremonies are awesome, irrespective of when they happen. They're not all that popular here in India (a fact we the young HATE) but they're slowly catching on in the funniest way - they happen before the big end-of-year exams xD

    You'll do fine. It's okay to take a break, if that's the plan. Take it as it comes :) Good luck!

  5. Aww congrats on graduating :)