Thursday, May 24, 2012


The other day, Hazel blogged about what she wants to do this summer. The day before I read her post, I'd made my own Summer To-Do List, so I figured I'd share mine as well :)

I hate the feeling at the end of the summer when I'm like, "But...there was so much I wanted to do!" Hopefully this year I'll be able to get through my list, because it's only eight freaking things long. Come on, Stephanie, you can pull this off...

1. Apply to my backup college.
Yeahh...that'd be good.

2. Get a job.
*sigh* Desperately. Need. To do this.

3. Catch lightning bugs.
Potentially with PC.

4. Go to the zoo.

5. Write.
My souls needs this again.

6. Go to the lake.
It's literally a five-minute walk from my house. And somehow I don't go there enough.

7. Read 10 books.
Books are monumentally important.

8. Get back in shape.
I feel better when I am. I forgot about that.



  1. Great list :). I think I'm gonna make a list too!

  2. awesome list!! i live five minutes away from a lake too (well, when i'm at my parents house...which is where i'm moving back to in the end of june...) i hope you get to accomplish all these things! although if you do, it will keep you quite busy. which will be great :)

  3. I live right beside a river but never visit it enough :( Would love to live beside a lake though - sounds so peaceful!

    I hope you get to do the stuff on your list, just like I hope to do all my stuff too lol!

  4. 2, 5, and 7 are on my list as well. I'd visit a lake, but the Salt Lake really isn't that much fun to visit. xD

  5. I think I need to make a summer list too!