Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Senior Prom

The Cast of Senior Prom
Cassidy - my best friend
Sam - my boyfriend
Daniel - my brother
David - my brother
Rose - David's girlfriend
Kirsten - my pretty-much-second-best-friend
James - Kirsten's pretty-much-boyfriend
Gabe - awesome guy from class
Meredith - Cassidy's friend
Tori - this chick I dislike
Brandon - Tori's boyfriend
Emma - Tori's slave
Emily - Tori's friend
Curtis - Emily's date (boyfriend?)

Last year's prom was not that great for me. My dress was not my favorite, my hair uncurled completely before dinner even began, the music was horrible, and the whole thing had a pretty tough act to follow. {I'd had a great time sophomore year.}

This year, senior prom, was a huge deal to me and all my girl friends. We agreed that senior prom is pretty much the most important day until your wedding. Being myself, I wanted everything to be perfect. Perfect.

My mom reminded me that NOTHING is ever perfect, and the best thing I can do is decide to have a good time no matter what. I tried to take that advice to heart as May 12th rapidly approached.

The whole week before prom was the senior beach trip. Because of that, all the girls were slightly paranoid as we went around having fun.

"We canNOT get sunburned."
"Oh jeez. Now I have a bikini strap tan line! My dress only has one strap!"
"I'm not gonna fit INTO my dress!"
"Let's do core exercises and try to work off all this fooooood..."

Add to all that fretting the fact that I still hadn't made a hair appointment, even though hair for senior prom was really, really important to me. I hadn't been happy with my hair the first two years I went to prom, and senior year had to be PERFECT.

And yet it was the day before prom and I still hadn't done anything about it.

Ahaha. I'm such a retard. My solution to being stressed about things tends to be, "Don't even attempt! Just pretend to ignore it and give yourself stomach ulcers while it constantly plagues your consciousness!"

But somehow, the first place my mom and I walked into on Saturday morning had an open appointment. I explained to the lady what I wanted, and she got busy.

I was pretty nervous the whole time, partly because she kept saying, "Oh lawd, I don't know what I'm doin'" and partly because she was braiding my hair in a way that made me look like a Fraulein Helga.

But it turned out kind of amazing. I was incredibly happy :)

Then I had to get home and do makeup and nails and put on the dress.

Nails: Black with white tips.
Makeup: Actually a bit lighter than usual, with gray eyeshadow.
Dress: Oh guys. The dress.

I kind of loved my dress. A lot. I never saw one I liked better. I scoured malls and stalked pictures and scanned prom, but I never saw a dress I liked better than mine :) It was an amazing feeling, and one I'd never had before.

As I finished putting on my makeup, my mom stuck her head in and said with an amused look on her face, "Sam's already here."

Me: "What?! Well. I told you he'd be early."

{In case any of you knew me back when I ~Carpe Diem~'d, I'll tell you that this Sam is, in fact, the "Cavender" I went to prom with sophomore year XD}

I finished getting ready on time and went upstairs. We took pictures, picked up Cassidy and her friend, and went to the designated Pretty Outdoor Place Where You Take Group Prom Pictures. That was mostly a fail because none of us wanted to take pictures and we only ended up with, like, one picture with everyone looking good.

Next stop, Macaroni Grill. The food was good and the friends were fun.

We arrived at prom earlier than I ever have before: only thirty minutes after the official beginning.

Honestly, the actual prom part of prom wasn't good. I think the music was better than last year, but it was still bad. We all danced a little bit at the beginning {Sam kinda taught me salsa XD}, but when we stepped outside to get fresh air, things went a little downhill.

Sam was obviously having the farthest thing from a good time. I figured it was because of the bad music and awkward atmosphere. I didn't like those things either, but I still wanted to make the best of it and wait it out. Proms for me tend to improve as the nights go on. It takes me an unfortunate length of time to loosen up and have fun.

Much of prom was spent sitting at a table outside, trying to dance with my friends, or standing alone. I wanted to dance at least once with Sam, but he wouldn't take the hints. When four of my friends tried independently to make him dance with me, it graduated from missing hints to actually not wanting to dance with me. It took my friend Gabe coming over and saying, "DANCE WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND. NOW. DO IT. NOW." to make it happen.

Eventually I decided to shut off the valve of sadface emotions and go dance with my friends. Things got a lot better when I just went for it and embraced whatever happened. After a minute Sam came and danced with us too.

I found out the next day that Sam felt like crap at prom, which explained a lot. I knew there had to be more to the situation. I wish I'd known earlier though.

After the dance, we went bowling. That was probably the most fun part of the night. Kirsten was a BEAST at bowling, which none of us--including her--knew before. The music at the bowling ally was ten times better than it had been at prom. We danced some.

A little after 2am, we called it a night and went our separate ways. I was really, really, really tired for Mother's Day the next day XD

Senior prom was a night to remember. It wasn't perfect, and a lot of times it wasn't actually that fun, but it was at least my best-looking prom XD I'm not torn up about it now. It's all good.

The moment you've all been waiting for...PICTURES. Captions on the bottom.

Me and Sam
We matched :3 I've always wanted to do that.

This makes me laugh every time I see it. He hates needles a lot. And I didn't know what I was doing XD

Me and my best friend, Cassidy :D Our dresses almost kind of matched.

This prettttty much describes the three of us XD

My mom, Sam, me, Daddy. I just realized I have zero pictures of me and my sister :((((((

This is what most of the group pictures came out like XD

Not bad.
James, Kirsten, Sam, me, Daniel, Cassidy, David.

The WHOLE group.
Curtis, Emily, Brandon, Tori, Emma, James, Kirsten, Sam, me, Daniel, Cassidy, David, Meredith

Well, we weren't gonna go bowling in our prom dresses XD
Emma, me, and Kirsten doing part of "the Wobble."



  1. Haha, actually I was picturing you girls bowling in your dresses and heels! Those are some wickedly awesome earrings you have, and you and Sam look good together. He has a mischievous expression sometimes, and I always look that way too when someone pins a boutonniere on me :)

  2. You guys get prom every year? Wow, weird. Here you only get one shot at prom.

  3. Your prom dress looked lovely, it must have taken a lot of looking for! Good to know you had fun!

  4. LOVE this! the pictures are pretty priceless :)

  5. Wow!!!!!! So pretty! your dress is GORGEOUSNESS!


    -Lauren (not signed in again because I'm on my gmail ;)