Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why Does This Happen?

His music isn't my style {although I admit "Whataya Want From Me?" has a significant number of plays on my iPod}. However, he's hott. It just figures that he's gay.

Adam Lambert, guys.



  1. I was really sad when he didn't win american idol that one year. But yeah I like his music and stuff. Not a lot of guys can pull off mascara and eyeliner but Adam Lambert most certainly can.


  2. Awww, come on. You gotta give us guys some hope of landing a hottie. I love Adam Lambert. Most of the pics are not showing, but did you see him doing Idol? My fave moment:

  3. I saw this post and started laughing! I have a friend who is completely nuts over this guy!! Him, and Johnny Depp. :) I have not been able to get into his music, but he is talented.

  4. I love his music <3

    especially the song- "If I had you"