Friday, May 18, 2012


People love Fridays, but I like...

Thursdays, Because...
1. Monday is a long way off, and the weekend is pretty close.
2. Collin only has spelling and reading on Thursdays, no heinous homework.
3. I do things with friends, because I have dance on Friday nights.
4. Sam doesn't work XD
5. It's the first day of my school week {I have class on Wednesday} so I can do nothing and not feel stressed XD
6. It's PAY DAY for me :D
7. All day I get to think "Tomorrow is FRIDAY!" XD



  1. Funny my fave day of the week is Thursday too. My math teacher in 8th grade would write S.H.I.T. on the board and it stood for SO HAPPY ITS THURSDAY. Lets just say she was my favorite teacher I have ever had.


  2. HAHAHAHA Frozen xD

    Well, anyways, I agree (:

    ~Sonja Renae