Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of Classes


So, today was pretty good.

And by "pretty good," I mean "great, but I'm afraid to open myself up to optimism" XD

I woke up at 8 and finished some journaling that was hanging over my head. The beach trip with Sam and his family is finally properly documented, leaving my brain room to store and process all the new college stuff that's happening now.

I ate yogurt in my room for breakfast, and did a lot of nothing until lunch in the dining hall, then my 12:30-1:50 National Government class.

That went actually pretty great. My professor's name is Dr. Thornton. He seems very nice, easy to listen to and not difficult to understand. I think he'll be the right amount of demanding/strict. He also happens to be my academic advisor, so after class, I went up and shook his hand and introduced myself XD I'm not usually a suck-up, but I figure every little bit helps in this situation.

Having to "read chapters 1 and 2" for homework didn't sound terrible, but then I got back to my dorm room, and that's 45 large pages to read, process, and be ready to take a quiz on by Thursday.

I'm confident that I can do it, but I don't think I'll have a social life at ALL once I get the homework load for my other classes.

To be honest, I don't care about a social life, but it's supposed to be important. I'm supposed to get plugged in and make friends and junk.

Maybe studying will be an excuse to be a recluse?

Or it might get me labeled That Weird Nerd Girl. Hm. Don't wanna go that far.

I started the reading. 15 pages took me and hour and a half. That's 5 pages every 30 minutes. So 45 pages equals 4.5 hours. Of just the reading part of this one class. I also have to actually STUDY the material and work on the written assignment. So that's another 2ish hours. So that's 6.5 hours. And this is just one class's homework. I have this class twice a week. So that's really more like 13 hours of work.

Holy shit. I had not actually thought it through this far yet. How many hours are even in a week?

Well, if you take 24 hours and multiply it by 5 days, omitting the weekends, there are 120 hours. But I also need to eat, sleep and go to class.

So like 62 hours of actual time where I could study {I took out 8 hours a night for sleeping, the hours I'm in class, and 3 hours total for eating all week}.

And 13 of those hours need to be spend doing National Government apparently.

So 49 hours left to do all my other homework and have a social life.

Hm. I mean...that's doable, I guess. Right?

I have 5 other classes, so that leaves like 10 hours a week to do homework from each class, and I'm pretty sure some of them won't requite THAT much work. Right? Maybe?

Tonight is the blacklight dance. Don't worry, both Sarah and Sam have already warned me about being oblivious to the way my dancing might make others...er...I'll be careful XD

Tomorrow I have

11am-11:50 Theater
1pm-1:50 Western Civilization
2pm-3:20 Math

I am dreeeeeeeeeading math. More than anything else. I practically didn't DO math the last semester of highschool, because I was a lazyass and no one called me on it. I'm going to DIE!!!!!!!


Oh Goddddddd.

I'm gonna go do more National Government reading.



  1. You're supposed to have a social life in college? Who told you that BS? My friend took Mechanical Engineering and I didn't see him for two years. He'd pull all nighters before exams and routinely stay up until 3 in the morning studying and working on assignments. It's school, not a bar.

    1. Hmm, my comment sounds angry. It's not meant to sound angry.