Monday, August 20, 2012

Last Day Before Classes Start

{I put up dorm room pictures. They're in a page, like, right above this sentence. Well, and above the cloud of labels. Yeah. There. That.}


How am I?

I'm always okay until I think about that question. Then the magnitude of what's going on washes over me and I can't breathe. Maybe I should stop asking myself that. Maybe I should just write, and that question will answer itself.

Today was pretty good. My roommate, Rebekah, and I were late for our first ever required meeting, because we thought it was at 10am when it was at 9am. I was so disappointed and annoyed with myself. I had it clearly written down as 9am on my schedule. I don't know when the mental block arose.

But we weren't the only late people, and no one took attendance, so it didn't really matter.

After the required "Camel 101" meeting, we came back to the room to tackle our To-Do lists.

My To-Do List:
- Get PO box number
- Locate classes
- Stock binders and pack bag
- Figure out the remote thing
- Set up "Web-Access"
- Register laptop
- Deal with my emails

All of those things were very important, and I was a little overwhelmed. But I firmly began attacking them.

Then my internet refused to connect. A page popped up and said my computer was "quarentined." Three of the biggest To-Do list monsters involved the internet. As to be expected, I began to be extremely stressed out. I didn't know where to start finding answers, and the amount and importance of the things I needed to do felt crushing.

Rebekah noticed that I was quietly going off the deep end, and made me go with her to lunch. I think we're going to work out well.

Except that right now, she's getting her ass grabbed by some dickbag {<--Yes, Sam} named Ryan who thinks "cannibalist" is a word and the way to make friends with girls is to grab them from behind and throw them off the sidewalk. {Personally, I put an end to that reallllllll quick, and I think he hates me now. Good.}

It bothers me not only because it's outrageously obnoxious to be around, but also because I'm worried about Rebekah. I really don't think she's a slut. She's really sweet and a Christian and we have a TON in common. Maybe she's just glad to feel wanted or accepted or something. Hm.

But yeah. I've been at the Street Fair with Rebekah and Ryan for two hours now, and I'm a little {okay, a lot} burnt out on giggling and grabbing and superficial, flirtacious bickering. I'm probably being antisocial by sitting in my room blogging, but... I just need a quick break.

Oh, my internet is {obviously} working now. I really got a good handle on my To-Do list after lunch. Sometimes all it takes is a little Coca-Cola. I took the laptop to Computer Services and then knocked out the other tasks.

Except that damn remote. What IS that thing?!

My first ever college class is tomorrow. I only have one tomorrow: National Government from 12:30-1:50. No matter how terrible that class is, at least I can count on having the rest of the day to fall apart if I so desire.

I also want to try to get into the habit of working out.

And start looking for scholarships to Wake Forest, and apply.

And...*sigh* I don't want to be starting college after all, guys. I liked my life at home. I'm still a kid. I swear. I'm not old enough for this.

But so far, I mean, it's okay. I'm okay.

Oh, and my cold/sore throat is a LOT better! I'm giving the credit to all the prayers that I know went up for me. Thanks, guys, and thanks to everyone at home who is, for the most part, never going to see this XD

For tomorrow, pray that I'm not the dumbest, most uneducated person in my National Government class. I'm actually bad at that subject. And yes, I am a political science major. Don't judg--nah, you know what, go ahead and judge me XD



  1. You've got a SWEET dorm room. Looks as nice as a real bedroom.

    There's probably going to be a lot more "dickbags" where he comes from, shut them down fast or they won't leave you alone.

    You'll do fine :)

  2. So yeah.. I pretty much LOVE your dorm. freaking awesome if you ask me(you didn't.. but I'm telling you anyways :P).

    Also, as a rule... most guys are dicks. Yes, there are some out there who aren't.. but most are. especially at that age.So just show them whose boss (like you did with this last guy) and they'll learn not to mess with you!

    You've got this chica! I just know you do :)

    Love always,