Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Meeting

Today was a collection of experiences. I had my first college quiz, which {I THINK} went okay. Would probably have been an A in highschool, I'm assuming a B in college.

Then I talked my my academic advisor about what to do for math. He suggested I take Math 160, which is statistics. Everything I've ever heard about statistics has been terrifying, so I cannot imagine that that's a good move for me. I'm trying to get in touch with the professor who teaches that class to get a better idea of how horrendous it would be.

If it sounds too horrendous, I'm just going to drop math altogether and add Spanish. I can handle Spanish. I LIKE Spanish. Spanish likes me back.

I also checked my PO box for the first time :) Two notes from Mom, an adorable letter from Daddy, some cards from extended family with graduation money, and a card from Cassidy's Aunt Monya, who leads the church's College and Career Ministry.

Then I read Theater stuff. Easy read. Mostly skimmed. I might be screwed, but I think it's an easy course.


Which I think is going to be awesome :D The teacher is nice and funny. She spent the first, like, fifteen minutes of class trying to learn all our names and their spellings and making us learn each others' names too.

"Hear any potential baby names yet?" she asked us. "It's never too early to start that list."

And I was all Dude, I have that listttttt, in my head. I think I'm gonna love this lady.

She told us like ten stories about her life and experience teaching. They all concerned something not being what it first appeared, or the way she first percieved it.

Then she gave us a paper and told us to tell her a story about ourselves. She said she wanted to get to know us and our writing styles.

I blanked. I'm so bad at stuff like that when it's thrown at me without warning and not much time is given. I totally psych myself out.

I decided I'd try to stick with her theme of misjudging things or people. That couldn't be too hard; I'm infamous for my poor character-judgement skills.

Somehow, I still couldn't think of but example that I could write about. It went something like this.

{**EDIT** What I wrote for English Composition in 5 minutes' time was, in fact, almost nothing like this. But if I had had time, this is what I would have written.}

When I was in nineth grade, I had to take driver's ed like all other fifteen-year-olds. However, unlike other kids, I was home-schooled, so I had to find a school to take it at. I signed up for the class at a private school, and was actually kind of excited for the whole thing. It was a school experience; it was somewhere I could reinvent myself, or test out the current me in a different social environment.

When the first day of driver's ed came along, I was excited and nervous. I made up my mind to be outgoing and vibrant and try to conceal my nerd tendencies.

That worked pretty well. I made friends, people liked me, and I liked pretty much everyone, with the exception of a loud--although clever--redheaded boy. Other people liked the boy though. I noted him as being the kind of popular that everyone agrees on, even if he didn't have a ton of people hanging on him 24/7.

The driver's ed course was over in six weeks, and I never actually talked to the redheaded boy. However, after the last day of class, I had to wait around for my ride home. I went over by the athletic fields and chilled on the brick wall. Guess who walked by? The redheaded boy.

I had just deflated from a 6-hour shift of being perky and normal, but it looked like I was going to have to try for a little bit longer. I mean, he was popular, and I was trying to make an effort to fit in. It would be stupid of me to let the opportunity pass.

The boy didn't look at me, but he was walking by slowly enough that it wasn't weird for me to take a breath and call out, "Hey!"

He looked a little surprised.

"You probably don't remember me," I said. "But I'm in driver's ed with you."

"No, yeah," he said. He came over and sat on the brick wall, leaving space for at least five people to come sit between us. "I remember." His usual loud personality was definitely subdued. For those moments, he seemed completely average. I atributed that to his reluctance to talk to someone who wasn't actually popuplar.

"I'm Stephanie," I said.

"Sam," he said. I knew that. It was one of the, like, six names I knew in the class.

I don't remember what exactly we talked about. Probably baseball and soccer, since those were going on right beside of us on various fields. I do remember that the conversation was very brief and lacked awkwardness, until he abruptly said,

"I gotta go." He hopped off the brick wall and walked away.

Well. Bye.

I forgot about that exhange, until I saw him on Facebook and added him a couple of weeks later. I was new to Facebook and wanted friendssssss.

I was surprised again that he remembered me.

I was surprised again again when he sent me a message, saying he'd found my blog and liked it. He said I was weird--in a good way.

It took me like a year to realize that this guy was more than just a passing accquintance, that he was going to be a significant and awesome part of my life.

We became real friends, then best friends, then *coughhackchokesneeze*, then we became closer than ever, and now...

"Lulz. We're dating."

And that is the story of how Sam and I met XD


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