Thursday, February 13, 2014

Facebook Pet Peeves

In no particular order.

1. When someone re-shares something on your timelines, but doesn't Like it. Somehow it feels cheap, like they're trying to pass it off as their own without giving you credit for finding it in the first place.

2. When someone posts an inside-joke as his/her status, particularly when friends are tagged in it. Good for you, you have friends. But let me introduce you to this cool feature called the "private message."

3. That girl with 5000 friends who posts selfies all the time and gets about 200 Likes. It's nothing to be proud of, because really, out of 5000 people you're bound to find ones who will reward a little cleavage.

4. When comments on a picture or post are allowed to run rampant. There should never, ever, ever be more than five comments posted by the same person on the same post/picture. Ever. Again, let me introduce you to the private message feature.

5. When people use a sarcastic meme as an invitation to start a debate in the comments. No. It's a meme. It's funny. No one cares about opposite opinions when they post memes.

6. The tsunami of "fun," "thought-provoking," "so good," "inspiring," "sweet," "perfect" articles about dating/marriage/old-fashioned relationships/the value of waiting/serving your spouse/how to love being single/how to find The One by/not looking for The One, et freaking cetera. Good god. Me thinks everyone and their brother dost protest to much.

7. Stupid people. Sometimes there's just no acceptable escape. You can't delete them, but you simply MUST Hide them from your newsfeed.



  1. i used to enjoy those articles about how to love being single/how to treat your spouse better/etc but they are all over the place now and they all say pretty much the exact thing. like all the authors just put their own spin on it but it's just the same advice as everyone else is getting. when is enough enough?

  2. Yeah, and in the end, they all seem to point back to the same two points: YOU AREN'T MARRIED YET, HAH and PSYCH, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO LOVE GOD MOST ANYWAY XD