Sunday, February 23, 2014

This Weekend


The bouncers always draw random stuff on my hands. I'm gonna miss that when I turn twenty-one.

Friday night, I went out for the first time in a while. I expected it to be awful, because I was going with my friend Gerard, who is occasionally so insecure and thirsty that he can barely have a decent conversation with me {even though he has a girlfriend}.

However, we had an amazing time. I always forget that when dancing is involved, nothing is that bad.

I got in free, and got Gerard in at all XD Apparently he didn't fit the dress code, so I had to walk back to him and attempt a "He's with me ;)" at the security guy. To my great amusement, it actually worked. *crosses that off bucket list*

So Gerard finally got to see me dance {*rolls eyes*}, which had been on his bucket list ever since I had my legendary moment at a party last semester, and I had a lot of fun with this punk/skater guy. I liked him right away for his style, and then I noticed that he could legitimately dance. Bonus points. Our eyes met across the room and there was a mutual, mischievous agreement. Soon we were the best dance partners in the place {if I do say so myself}.

I become the funnest and most confident version of myself when I'm dancing. It's like slipping into another skin. It's like becoming Ember.

Also, THIS song. I love so much XD

On the way home, Gerard and I were practically euphoric. The music and dancing had peeled back our hard exteriors and we rejoiced in each other's company. We looked at the stars and got smoothies and drove through nice neighborhoods and talked.

It was an amazing night.

Seeing as I didn't get to bed til about 4am, I slept until 12:40.

I took my antibiotic pill with zero trouble. Holla! Good start to the day.

I was not very productive school-wise, but I didn't even care.

I had a delicious salad for dinner, and got ready to go to "The Magician's Nephew" play here at school. One of my friends from Milton class, Jacob, was Uncle Andrew. He did a wonderful job :) I stuck around to talk to him after the play, and he actually asked me out. I'm pretty sure I'm not interested in him that way, but my friend James has inspired me to say yes to first dates.

"You never know," he says. "I think it's the rudest thing for people to say no to first dates. There's no real commitment; saying no is just refusing to get to know someone."

So, I'm going to have coffee with Jacob sometime next week :)

After that, I decided to go for a walk. The night was beautiful, with air was sharp and clear as diamonds. I decided I would walk on all the paths on campus that I've never been on.

I took a notebook and spent one of the happiest hours of my life just wandering around, shocked by all the beauty I'd been missing all around me. There were ghostly teal Lothlorien pine trees, and funny little mops of green grass, and faint burgundy clouds against the charcoal sky.

I wandered down every path and into every brick stairwell and looked in every dark window. Basically I went around doing all the sorts of things that get you killed in horror movies. It was great.

Also, I successfully made a hard-boiled egg in the microwave. Yeah, you heard me. No explosion this time. Take THAT, Sarah/Cassidy/James/Mom/Daniel/Gerard/Everyone With Realistic Expectations of Life.

Today, Bekah came to move her stuff out, seeing as she had a surprise baby and all. She brought Baby Natalie and her current boyfriend, Gabe. I liked both of them a lot :) Gabe is pretty much definitely a keeper. He's actually intelligent and engaging in conversation and really good with Baby Natalie.

The room feels much emptier than I was prepared for. I don't really like it. However, I can certainly use the extra bookshelf space.

I went to Walmart and saved $2 with coupons. Small victories for the college kid XD

Only five days til I leave for spring break! So ready to see the people I love :)



  1. good weekend recap. and definitely say yes to first dates unless you really know that you're super not interested in the guy, i mean you know.

    aaaand baby natalie? that little girl has a great name ;) just sayin'

  2. Look, I always said it was possible to cook the egg in the microwave, just not they way you did it the first time :P so glad you had a great weekend! :D I'm ready for you to be home for a bit though XD