Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Part 1

There Once Was a Girl
March 1, 2011

There once was a girl, and also a boy--
The most classic of all story starts.
But the normal ends here, and won’t reappear
In this tale of two separate hearts.

The girl was quite clever and happy with life
A free spirit who liked order too.
She knew who she was and liked it because
She always knew just what to do.

The boy was unique, an original for sure
With a quick wit and something all new.
He saw things just so, whether highly or low
And opened up truly to few.

The girl and the boy talked only one time
For the boy it seems that was enough
He was smitten quite hard and traveled quite far
But she wasn’t too into that stuff.

The boy didn’t give up or slack off all
Eventually, he figured, love wins.
He showed dedication and was a sensation
Among all the girl’s good friends.

The girl was herself, maybe more than before--
A boy wasn’t going to change her.
But after a while, he so made her smile
And her feelings became something stranger.

The boy was important, she let herself think,
But still he was only a friend.
She closed the door to anything more,
Thinking soon the whole thing would end.

The girl was just right, exciting and smart,
Surely not one the boy would let go.
She was flirty and nice and made him think twice
Before he did things that were low.

The boy and the girl made memories and plans
Silly ones, real ones and more.
They were perfectly odd and figured that God
Had led them to each others’ door.

Through big steps and little, the girl changed her mind.
Much too special was he to give up.
In the back of her head, the girl’s heart felt led
To let the boy know what was up.

But teen love won’t last, their heads told them both
So in order to see if it could,
They decided to wait, til a certain date
August 10th, in six months, was good.

They made some more plans, for summer and life
Such golden and sweet weeks those were.
But how long could it last while moving so fast?
How long til the boy didn’t want her?

Slowly but surely, the challenge was gone.
He had caught her so now he was bored.
The chase had been fun, but now that he’d won
He felt she could just be ignored.

The boy stepped back, just to watch the girl wonder
Had she done something so very wrong?
The sweet things he said and his friendship both fled
Like harmony leaving a song.

The girl had been so sure that he’d been sincere
Having chased her for such a long time.
He’d helped her with writing and made life exciting...
The reason in all of life’s rhyme.

The boy broke his words as summer arrived.
Nothing was as he had promised her.
He hung with the guys, from sundown to rise
Doing things that made him a monster.

The girl’s heart was broken, to her great surprise.
She had never intended to care.
Love came in quiet and then raised a riot.
Now summer was empty and bare.

The boy found more chicks and had lots of fun
He talked to several at once.
The girl hid her pain behind laughing refrains
Of “Him? Oh, I’m done with that dunce.”

The girl’s friends believed her, well at least most,
But see, inside she was crushed.
After all they’d been through, what more could she do
But wait ’til her heart could be hushed.

As months rolled by, every promise was broken,
And the great plans were unfulfilled too.
The girl still got by, but she still wondered why
Her soul was feeling so blue.

The boy had a thought, one night in September:
Would she come back if he said that he’d change?
He decided one night with cruel delight
To see how far the girl’s feelings ranged.

The girl was no fool, as you already know,
But the boy had long gained her full trust.
He pulled at her heart, asked for a new start.
She said yes, but change was a must.

But though she was thrilled, her head said “Watch out.”
She had shed over him lots of tears.
As a matter of fact, she had made a pact
Not to say “I love you” for years.

The boy kept up his act, a couple of weeks
But he noticed that something was off.
The girl felt it too, but only she knew
It was because she wasn’t in love.

She liked him okay, but more from afar.
She knew now he wasn’t for real.
He meant no offense, but she had then since
Decided her heart he can’t steal.

She’d hurt for so long that she hadn’t felt
The healing that had since begun.
Although he soon left, she felt not bereft
Because her own heart she had won.



  1. That was heart wrenching... and beautiful... thank you for sharing.

  2. i know that feel, bro. i know that feel so well.

    this was beautifully written. poetry is not one of my strong suits and I admire anyone who can do it well, as you have here.

    i feel like this must be closure for you, and for that i am so happy :) you are wonderful!

  3. Wow, y'all, thanks :) It means a lot.

    Natalie: This WAS great closure...but unfortunately it didn't stay closed. Parts 2 and 3 are coming. At this point, I have real closure again, but I haven't written an encouraging final Part 4 yet. I plan to do that this year, when the mood strikes :)


    1. well hey, i can't wait to read the next parts :)