Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Prom Recap

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So. The moment you've all forgotten about been waiting for...


To be honest, I have, like, very few. Because my sister didn't take many and the pictures my dad took are going to rot on his camera forever. But here's what I've got:

Stuffing our faces because we're totally NOT going to Olive Garden in less than two hours.

Curls and dress and...such.
Kirsten, Emma, Yours Truly and Cassidy (Tori ended up not coming over to get ready).

So, since the pictures kind of don't do much here, I'll give you a quick rundown of prom night.

***WARNING*** This prom was not especially great, so please don't get too excited about this. I'm going to burst your Stephanie-Had-An-Amazing-Night bubble. S0z.

This weekend was not only prom, but the weekend a bunch of my dad's family came to visit. When my friends arrived (thirty-five minutes late XD), they were bombarded with thirteen eccentric relatives from my loveably opinionated half-aunt to my 6'3" 16-year-old cousin.

{I may need to do an entire post on my family. That would really be something.}

I rescued my friends from the large mob of relatives and we went downstairs to get ready. In order for us to leave at 5:45, Emma suggested we come with our makeup done so she would just have to do our hair and we could get out the door. So I did.

I was alone.

I think we underestimated the time it takes to curl hair.

{And the amount of hairspray it takes to make it STAAAAAAY.}

At 5:15, my hair was almost finished. I'd told Emma the idea I was going for {loose curls half up}, but it was going...interestingly. A lot of it looked really good, but the curl came out of the top within a few minutes, leaving me looking kind of bedraggled. We had to work with it for a while.

After my hair was done, I put on my dress, which somehow didn't ruin the curls. Emma started on Kirsten's hair: tight ringlets. When she was done at about 6:10 (twenty minutes after the scheduled departure time), she looked kind of like Shirley Temple. I was glad I had specified "loose curls" for myself, although it didn't look bad on Kirsten.

After we were all ready, we once again braved the hoard of cooing relatives and stood for pictures. Everyone was really sweet and told us we looked beautiful.

The weather was supposed to be gorgeous yesterday, sunny and in the upper 70s, buuut it was storming to beat the band and in the 60s. Go figure. So the dads rushed outside and drove Kirsten's car into the garage for us so we wouldn't show up to the prom looking like drowned cats.

By this time it's about 6:30. We were supposed to be at the restaurant by 6. Google Maps told us it would take 37 minutes to get there.

*sheepish laugh*

Poor Tori and Brandon (her boyfriend), trying to hold a table for us. I felt pretty bad honestly, but there wasn't a lot we could do besides call and apologize.

So, we got in the car, which was actually Kirsten's dad's van {we're so cool} and drove off into the gushing rain. I took about ten minutes to make a playlist of good music on Kirsten's iPod and we sped down the highway {at a safe and responsible speed, of course >.>}.

After taking a brief detour in which we knew exactly where we were but not where we were going, we got to Olive Garden at 7:15. Guess who was at the table across from us?

My Guy. {Who needs a BlogName. I am up for suggestions on that.}

Awesome {<--sarcasm}. Why sarcasm? Because he's not in class, which means he will be rude and piss me off. He was and did. Although it may have had something to do with Emma saying "What is he doing here??" rather loudly. After that we had no contact whatsoever with him the entire night. More on that later.

While waiting for our food to arrive, we girls made a bathroom run. {I don't know why, we just did. I don't think anyone actually had to go.} We waltzed into the bathroom and I glanced at myself in the mirror.

Total. Curl. Failure.

My hair looked pretty much awful. The curl was completely gone on one side, giving me the look of someone who tried really hard but just couldn't pull off "pretty." One thing I hate: looking bad. Anther thing I hate: looking like I tried hard. Yet another thing I hate: looking like I tried hard--and failed.

So that bothered me. But I managed to cowgirl up and get over it XD

When we got back to the table, our food was there, yippee! Five Cheese Ziti is soooo good by the way, although I wouldn't recommend eating a massive amount of it in a prom dress. I was afraid to move.

We finished eating (after having multiple awkward moments with various waiters including hardcore sarcasm and Justin Bieber), and headed over to the prom. Of course by that time (on account of some slooooooow service at Olive Garden), it was 8:45 -__-

I was pumped when we got there. Last year I was nervous and awkward and didn't want to look stupid. This year? I DIDN'T GET A DAMN :D WOOOOOOT! All I wanted to do was get out on the dance floor in the very middle and daaaaance. So we did.

For like five seconds. Then it hit us: You cannot dance to this music.

I don't remember what song it was, but it was not a winner. So we resigned ourselves to surveying the refreshments table during the rest of the song.

This is when we saw My Guy, across the room with a couple of girls. He looked miserable. We already knew he didn't even want to be there; his parents had made him come. Still, he could at least try to have a little fun.

I wanted to go talk to him. Everyone else was highly against it, "He'll just ignore us." "He'll be rude." "He'll make us feel stupid." "Look, all his friends are around." I pretty much didn't care. 1) I wanted to talk to him and 2) So he's a douche, why should that automatically transform us into bitches?

But by the time I was even making a move to go over, he and his girl friends were hightailing it out the door onto the porch.

So scratch the friendly idea.

We finished taking pictures and decided to try dancing again.

Another slow song. Couples paired off around us, slow dancing. Fuuuuun.

So we tried to dance, but it wasn't much of a hit with that one. We waited.

And waited.

And kind of waited the entire night.

"Did we miss the good songs?" we asked each other. "Did they all play before we got here?" We asked around. The answer was no. No, we had not missed the good songs; there weren't any.

I think they played about four songs that you could dance to the entire time: Dynamite, Shawty's Like a Melody, Fireworks, and something else... Anyway, a lot of the songs they played were fine songs, but not DANCING songs, which is kind of the point of prom. Basically, I was hugely let down by that.

At about 10 {prom ended at 11}, I started looking around again for My Guy--just subtly, you know, checking heads, scanning the room. He wasn't anywhere to be seen.

And he wasn't for the entire night. I even glanced around for him when we went outside. He and his friends had actually ditched prom. Judging by Facebook statuses I saw the next day (that's not stalkerish at all), he was riding around questionable parts of town doing God knows what until the wee hours of the morning. He also posted a status saying that the prom was basically a joke.

I kind of agree with that statement, but he had no grounds to say it on. I mean, if he'd actually STAYED I might've been like "Haha." But he didn't. He practically walked through one door and straight out the other. Ugh. What a freaking loser.

Sooo anyway. The ride home was kind of dull because Kirsten's dad drove, and he couldn't have the radio on and still here Kirsten's directions. So it was kind of quiet and tiring. But it was the highlight of the night aside from Olive Garden and about 37 minutes of prom.

We got home, tip-toed around gathering stuff, my friends left, I ate some of my five cheese ziti that was leftover from Olive Garden, brushed out my failed curls, changed into PJs, brushed my teeth {I think} and slammed into bed.

Interesting night XD



  1. Well....at least your dresses all looked pretty!!!! ;)

  2. i loved the olive garden...until...well...:)

  3. Aww ... you all looked pretty though.
    Well maybe the timing was not the best, but I am positive this My Guy will soon pop somewhere, and there will be episodes about him you will write about. And just talk to him. Girlfriends care too much. I hate "what ifs", I just go. At least I tried and will never live to the day saying, "what if?".