Sunday, June 26, 2011


Day 1 {Saturday}:
Driving to the beach.
Making horrible faces in the car.
Mint chocolate chip ice cream.
Cookies'n'Creme Extreme ice cream
"Star Trek: the Prequel"

Day 2 {Sunday}:
Sermon about names {:O MY FAVORITE.}
Lasted less than an hour.
Impressive sandcastle
Finish "Star Trek."
Citrus chicken.

Day 3 {Monday}:
Long walk/run alone.
Thunderstorm blew up.
Running in the fat raindrops, rolling thunder, streaking lightning, crashing waves and blustery wind.
Amazing feeling.
Frozen pizza.
Watching the castle get attacked by the waves until midnight with a hott guy. {asterisk}

Day 4 {Tuesday}:
Inside day {don't want to tempt my sun poisoning}.
Watching "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief"
Sun poisoning showing up anyway.
Calling my friend and tell her happy birthday.
Chocolate chip cookies.
Hitting the beach stores.

Day 5 {Wednesday}
Calmer waves.
Rebuilding sandcastle bigger, taller, stronger, faster than before.
Getting sunburned on my back.
Getting an upset stomach from Mexican.
Finishing the Hunger Games trilogy {*adds another book to the list of books that have made me cry*}

Day 6 {Thursday}
Sleep in day.
Raid the beach house bookshelves.
"Forture" by Erica Spindler.
Celtic necklace. {asterisk asterisk}
Italian foooood!
Hottttttttttttt waiterrrrrrrr. {asterisk asterisk asterisk}
Designated GIRLS NIGHT.
Ice cream.
Painting nails.
Watching "You've Got Mail."
Giving ourselves those sexy stick-on-with-a-washcloth tattoos.
Watching "17 Again."
Going to bed at 2am.

Day 7 {Friday}
Another inside day.
Walking 4 miles on the beach alone and seeing hott guys.

Day 8 {Saturday}
Packing up.
Coming home.

Asterisk {Watch the castle get attacked by the waves until midnight with a hott guy}:
So. Cassidy and I built this really kick-ass sand castle. Well at least it WOULD HAVE BEEN if we'd had about ten people and three weeks to build. But we didn't. So we built the BEGINNING of a really kick-ass sandcastle. You could easily bury four grown men in the moat. It was about three feet deep and ten feet long. The castle walls were over a foot thick and built really beautifully if I do say so myself.

Unfortunately, we knew when the tide came it that the Steph-and-Cass-Castle would be history. So we decided to park ourselves behind the structure and watch it be destroyed.

It got really dark and really beautiful and really peaceful and really imagination-inspiring. We had some fascinating conversations, peed in the ocean and almost saw Jack Sparrow.

Then around 11, just as the waves were beginning to reach our moat, this figure comes walking down the beach with a flashlight.

We were used to that by then; apparently late-night beach walks aren't that uncommon. We'd been calling to the people to watch out for the moat, because, well, it was pretty damn deep and someone could really get hurt just falling into it by surprise. So we called out to the figure, "Moat! Watch the moat!"

It got closer. It was a guy. Whatever.

"A moat?" He got closer. "Daaaaang."
Me: "Yeah. It's massive." He was an OUR AGE guy. Well, maybe a little older, but definitely not out of range.
Guy: "Good thing you said something," he said. "I just had knee surgery; I'd have fallen right in."
Me: *laughs* "Yeah, that would have sucked." {<--no points for originality, I know.} "We've been building this castle all day and decided to watch the waves tear it down."
Guy: "You just built this??"
Me: "Well not JUST built it, but yeah. All day long."
Guy *circles castle* "Wow. I wanna watch this thing too."

And he did.

He sat down in the sand and I sat down next to him. He was really funny, nice, smart, and polite. I found out he's going to college this fall. And, get this, he lives near me. Like 15 minutes away. WHAT ARE THE FREAKING ODDS??

And then I killed it.

Guy: "So are you guys high school or college?"
Me: "High school." {This is where I should have said we'd be seniors, but DIDN'T. UGH.} "We're home schooled." SH*********************T. >>>.<<< I don't know when to shut up. Truth is we ARE home schooled, but DANG. He didn't ASK.

And then it gets worse.

After a really smooth, fun goodbye conversation, we parted ways happily.

And I never. got. his. name.


So basically. I suck. I had truelove practically in my reach {ex dee} and I dropped it. I didn't just let the sucker go, I DROPPED HIM. URGH.

So yeah. Sob story over.

Asterisk Asterisk {Celtic necklace}:

This asterisk isn't that long. I took about twenty minutes deciding which Celtic necklace to buy. Chances are you won't know this, but I'm obsessed with Celtic stuff. Culture, jewelry, Ireland, etc.. I love it. I also really get into symbolism. So when I stumbled across these necklaces that held both, PLUS they were really freaking pretty, it was a tough decision.

I struggled between five different choices. If you're actually interested, click on the name and it'll tell you about the necklace. I also took the descriptions into account when choosing; I'm not one to go by just the pretty look.

Dragon - Guardian Spirit I liked the dragons XD
Cerridwen - Transformation, Inspiration I liked the pattern and what it stood for.
Cat - Intuition, Prophecy I liked this a LOT because of the title. It applied to me.
Celtic Cross - Celestial Energy I basically just liked the way this one looked. It was the one that first caught my eye. Unfortunately I didn't like the description that much.
Spirals - Spiritual Growth I liked the description a lot, but not so much the actual necklace.

In the end, Transformation Inspiration won. I liked the look, I liked the symbolism, and it seemed like the perfect thing to take to Europe. I'll hopefully be inspired, transformed.

Asterisk Asterisk Asterisk {Hottttttttttttt waiterrrrrrrr}:

I'll try to make this brief, but it's late at night as I'm writing this and I just can't seem to shut up.

There was a hott waiter at the Italian restaurant. He unfortunately looked a little young, maybe more 16ish, but DAAAAANG he was SO ATTRACTIVE. He reminded me and Cass of Jeremy Sumpter. Like, a lot. He was TALL and lanky {totally my thing} with brown hair and the most attractive face. We both loved his voice {which is a big deal for me} and his smile was absolutely Hayden Christensen-esque. The butter on the table melted.

There was quite an awkward moment between us though. When he was filling my sister's water glass, I was staring at him. I know, bad move, but he seemed really absorbed in the whole icewaterpitcher thing, so I felt safe. Riiiiight.

He looked up. Saw me staring. Oops. I looked down, but it wasn't all that subtle. And THEN. It was time to fill my glass. He had to reach an awkwardly long distance because of where I was sitting, so I decided to help him. I reached for my glass, and so did he. Our hands touched. Oops again. Then we both did the awkward "I'll-get-it-no-you-get-it" dance with our hands a couple of seconds before he said in his smooth, amused, attractive voice, "I got it."

He did. He had it allllll.

So yeah. I really do apologize for being so high school {or maybe even middle school. yech.} about all this. It's just that I'm exhausted and I had the best beach trip ever and I missed two amazing guys, so I'm a little torn up at the moment. Yeah.

That's gotta be it.

Oh. And my sister took pictures. Like, a lot of pictures. Here are some of them. Captions on the bottom.

Me and Cass making the Slug Face. Isn't it absolutely repulsive?

Me and a giant cheetah. Yeah.

So apparently I look cool in the wind like that. With a towel... *sigh* Living with a photographer is never dull.


Finish product :D You can't see it well {I might find more pictures later, but I'm TIRED}, but it's a little curve of stars and a dolphin jumping over my belly button.

Building our castleeeee.





  1. Sounds like you had a fab time! I love Celtic stuff too but the only bit of Celtic jewelry I own is my Claddagh ring :)

  2. That castle sounds awesome. [: I never have the concentration to make a decent one.

    And about that guy you met on the beach, you'll probably see him again. Since you guys live close. Maybe on the train or something. Or the bookstore.
    I've always wanted to meet a guy in a bookstore.

    Please ignore my nerdiness. [:

  3. can i be super jealous of your trip? i want to go on a vacation so bad it's not even funny.

  4. I have a windy towel picture too somewhere. Have to find that. That sounded like a really nice trip. Wicked sand castle, and don't worry there are plenty of guys out there. Cool eye color too.

  5. Aww ... dang it. Two hotties. No names. Move around the blocks Steph. Jog or something. hehe

    Love the stories. Am so jealous. meh ={

  6. Sounds like an amazing trip, your eyes are totally beautiful, and SHIT sounds about right for hot guy number one! I mean... DANG that sucks... lol. I'd absolutely die if some random hot dude just sat down next to me and started talking... might even cuss him out in my defensiveness. Well, you could've done worse, that is for sure!