Wednesday, June 8, 2011


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So, I told you guys about Jeremy and Jason a while ago. The twins that were like my older brothers when I was two. They taught me all the important stuff like how to cross my eyes, play Frisbee, and pat my head and rub my stomach at the same time.


They are 15 years older than me, and since I'm 17, that makes them, like, a whopping 32. They've both gotten married in the last 7ish years {to girls that I approve of btw} and guess what?

Jason now has 2 daughters, Charlotte {5ish?} and Caroline {1ish?}. Awww :)

Unfortunately we rarely seen the twins or their families. Rare as in "every five years or so." It's depressing, but there you have it.

A couple of weeks ago, though, we got to see them! It was at a baby shower for Jeremy and Jason's older brother's wife. {That's not unnecessarily confusing at all.} I hadn't seen Charlotte since she was about 1 and a half, before you could even tell what she was going to look like. Well, when I saw her at the baby shower...

*WHAM* It felt like someone had broken ice over my face, and it felt good.

The strangest feeling washed over me. It was an intense, choking sort of joy that made me want to laugh and cry and scream and hold her at the same time.

She looked like Jason. Jason's face was on this little person. One of my FRIENDS was in this tiny little face.

I can't explain it. I mean, it's not like I hadn't seen a kid before. It's not like I hadn't seen a kid that looked like her parents before. But this was DIFFERENT. This was one of my FRIENDS' FACES on ANOTHER PERSON.

This was Jason's FACE on his DAUGHTER.

It was like seeing a child for the first time. A face that I knew and loved and was familiar with was reprinted in a little girl's genes. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Every move she made was special and perfect. Watching her eat, watching her smile, watching her walk, every move was fascinating and not to be missed. I didn't want to miss a second of this little miracle.

It was the strangest feeling I've ever had. For the first time, I understand what people mean by the "miracle of life." Now I understand why adults love to see babies so much. Now I understand why people cry when they see their friends' children.

It's something entirely different and impossible to explain. I wouldn't have understood it if someone had explained it to me for days. It's something you have to experience. It's a feeling so new and different nothing can compare. It's like I was blind my whole life and suddenly I was seeing something bright and new and special that I'd always missed before.

I just cannot get over it. Children really are such miracles.



  1. Aww I'm sure what you're feeling must be what parents and grandparents feel like when they have children and grandchildren. I'm sure it must feel amazing!

  2. I'm glad you guys liked this :)