Monday, June 13, 2011

Worth a Thousand Words Week: Nessie

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And on that note, I'm still Twi-ing...

Chapter Five:

pg. 86: THERE'S the Bella we all know and hate!

pg. 88: And so begins the path of abandoning friends for Edward. *sigh*

pg. 89: Oh sure Edward, tell her to stop being friends with you, then chase her down every chance you get. That's not confusing and stupid at all.
She says she's trying to decide if Edward is a Bruce Wayne or a Peter Parker. Wow, Bella, Bruce Wayne doesn't have powers. You're definitely thinking of Clark. Get your superheroes straight.

pg. 90: Maybe I'm just in a cynical mood today, but this is getting cheesy fast.

pg. 92: Although admittedly, Edward is still a little breathtaking.

pg. 93: "What if I'm not a superhero? What if I'm the bad guy?" SERIOUSLY, CASTING DIRECTOR. ROBERT PATTINSON CANNOT DO THIS. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!

pg. 94: Oh riiiiight. THAT'S why Edward is skipping class. ...lols.

pg. 96: Bella sometimes reminds me of my Official Best Friend, Ellie.

pg. 97: Genuine laugh #8. Heh.
She only weighs 110 pounds? Jeezus, how short IS she?

pg. 99: Damn. Laugh #9.

pg. 102: Despite myself I wish there were Edwards in the world. Ugh, and I was really convinced that I would hate him this time around. I really think it's just Pattinson. He just unbelievably sucks. And not blood.

pg. 103: O.O Jeez. Edward is...volatile.

pg. 104: *narrows eyes* Okay, that is way too bossy, Edward. If you weren't a vampire I'd slap you. And if you weren't made of paper and ink.

pg. 107: Okay, Edward is the most unsubtle, ridiculous flirt ever. He's obviously attention-starved. And hott, but that's beside the point.

pg. 108: No secrets in Forks...or so YOU think, Bella.



  1. Since I'm new here I'm not quite sure, do you like Twilight or not? I've never read them but what I hear about them makes me go what?

  2. I like the sentiment but I couldn't help but think that Renesmee was such a stupid name.

    And I agree with Hazel.
    Renesmee? Really? I thought that it was such a mouthful.
    I wished they named her Grace or Jane or something.

  4. JW: Ah, sorry! The one week I don't post an intro blurb XD I used to love Twilight, then I began to hate it once the movies came out. I'm rereading the books to see if they really are that bad, or if my opinion has just been skewed by the atrocious movies.

    Hazel: I thought it was cool :3 But I love this picture anyway XD

    Fiona: Quite a mouthful, but I'm a sucker for meaningful names XD