Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm Twi-ing: Chapter Four

Yeah. I'm rereading Twilight. And I'm making you suffer through it with me by posting my questions and comments >:D Mwahahaha mwaha mwa...

It's actually not as bad as I'd originally feared, guys.

pg. 69: I like how casually school life is presented. Informative, but not too detailed and dull. We're not here to read about how Bella's pencil ran out of lead; we're here to drool over physically desirable paranormal creatures. Duh.

pg. 70: Oh boy. Whenever Bella gets "depressed" it's alarming. I'm afraid she's gong to become catatonic a little early this time through.

pg. 72: I love how realistically awkward high school conversations are.

pg. 74: I couldn't allow him to have this much influence over me. It was pathetic. It was unhealthy. Glad you recognize that, Bella, but I'm afraid it just goes downhill from here.

pg. 75: Bella's klutziness is a tad more endearing than I'd thought it would be.

pg. 76: Although I still don't get why every guy is after her. Like, really. It's not like every boy is attracted to her scrumptious blood. What's the deal?

pg. 77: 4th genuine laugh of the book.
5th. Wow, 2 laughs in one page. Good job, Stephenie.

pg. 78: 6th! Dang. I must be tired.

pg. 79: You know, this is not as horrid as I'd anticipated. {Yet.} Bella makes sense. And she's not obsessive. {Again, yet.}

pg. 81: 7th laugh. Charlie...lols.
Robert Pattinson couln't pull off Edward's voice is Voldemort had him under an Imperius Curse.

pg. 82: Lols, he's so attractively irritating.

pg. 83: "The wasting of finite resources is everyone's business." Gotta love his sense of sarcastic irony. At least I do.



  1. i'm re reading all the harry potter books at the moment :)

    i lovvved twighlight. it all went donwhill with the movies though...

  2. Maybe this is a trend. I am re-reading The Alchemist by Coehlo. ☺

  3. I've started a trend :O