Tuesday, June 7, 2011

X-Men First Class

Soo, in case it wasn't obvious, I've recently been to see "X-Men First Class."

I watched the first three X-Men movies last summer and pretty much thought they were crap. Very forgettable with a weak story, weaker characters and a plotline akin to something two bored twelve-year-olds would write.

*clears throat* Sorry if you love those movies. I'm in a brutally honest mood.

So when I decided to go see the latest X-Men installment with my friends, I was prepared to hate the movie.

I was so completely wrong.

I left the theater beaming and glowing with the excited sort of energy you get after seeing something really great.

I am a total movie snob and I LOVED "X-Men First Class."

The plot was tight, the character development was topnotch, the special effects were great, and the script was perfect (witty, serious and believable). I felt like the movie was a beautifully-crafted, plausible explanation for how all the characters behave in the original movies.

I especially liked the relationship between Erik/Magneto and Charles/Professor X. I found it tremendously believable and a little bit heartbreaking.

The whole movie was absolutely brilliant, incredible. That's all there is to it.

As to be expected, my favorite character was Erik/Magneto, the antagonist of the original three movies. I found him devastatingly attractive and I can't put my finger on why. Is it just me? He's really not the type I'm usually drawn to. As a general rule I think older guys are creepy when it comes to sexiness. But not him. I was wide-eyed and captivated from the moment I saw him.

I cannot wait to see this movie again.



  1. I absolutely love this movie. I left the theater so sad though because the ending was just so heartbreaking. Because of how Charles ended up in the wheelchair and how Mystique and him were best friends but had to part and how Charles and Magneto had to part as well. But I didn't really find Magneto that attractive. Charles stole my heart and usually he's not my type. But I just fell over heels for him. He's soo gorgeous and such a lady's man! Lol.

  2. from what i've heard about this movie, i really want to see it. and he is pretty good looking, for sure ;)

  3. Jesayka: I know, right??? It was just flippin' awesome. And although I found Charles quite unattractive, I could probably still have fallen for him :)

    Natalie: Ohhh yess ;) And I hope you like it! I bet you will.