Thursday, June 9, 2011


Btw guys, go to Google today. It's pretty awesome.

Summer is...

waking up late to bright, warm sun.

throwing the sheet off to reveal tanned skin.

using your muscles in ways you haven't all year.

wearing less clothes.

steamy air and gentle breezes.

flip-flop tans.

getting good at mounting a float.

living in a bikini.

gliding under the water and feeling like a mermaid.

eating less and playing more.

spending more time in the lake than on the land.

perfecting the technique of running on sand.

late-night trips to Target.

having 70% of your diet be fruit.

...and the other 30% be ice cream.

watching your body get brown and your face get freckled.

blurring the line between family and friends.

living each day moment to moment.

painting your nails, even though the lake water chips them.

coming home at dusk, still feeling rocked by the water.

being consumed by that warm, exhausted, contented tiredness.

stumbling to bed at 10 o'clock.




  1. I like these posts that make me reminisce. I'm just waiting for our warm weather to arrive, and then I have to find a beach...

  2. 10 is too early for bed!!

    but yes, all of these things make me love summer just thatmuchmore every year. i can't wait til the weather gets super duper warm here! :)

  3. I wish our summers were like that. It's always too cold here.

  4. JW: Beaches ftw.

    Natalie: Normally it is for me too, but after the lake I'm always so exhausted XD I hope the warm weather comes soon for you!

    Danielle: Aw :( Move :D XD

    I love how I said 5 "words" and 3 of them were smilies... I need to rethink my...thinking...