Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lessons from a Mallard

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This is a male cardinal.

This is a female cardinal.

This is a male lion.

This is a female lion.

This is a male mallard.

This is a female mallard.

This is a male human.

This is a female human.


*sings* One of these things is not like the other...

The other day Brianna's little brother asked me, "Why do girls take so long to get ready in the morning?"

Me: "'Cause we want to actually look good. Don't you like it when girls look good?"

Little brother: "Guys don't do anything, we just get dressed and go."

Me: "Yeah, but see...hey, wait a second... You have a point. Why DO we girls have to try??"

Look at nature, people. The male cardinal is trying as hard as he can to be the brightest thing out there. The male lion is puffing his mane up for all he's worth. The male mallard is holding his head high and hoping to catch a female's eye.

The female animals don't really worry about looking good. They have their CHOICE of males. The males come to THEM. The females are ALREADY DESIRABLE. They don't have to DO anything; the males are the ones making the effort, striving to attract a mate.

So I got to thinking.


When did humans become the way we are? Who decided that the girls have to try harder? Who decided that guys can be hott in a T-shirt but girls need eyeliner? What business does a guy have picking out the "hott" girls when he hasn't even combed his hair?

Look to nature, people. Girls, you're beautiful. Take it from the female cardinal, you're desirable the way you are. Guys, it's not all up to us. Go get the 411 from your friendly neighborhood lion and take some initiative.



  1. I guess its easy to forget that humans are animals too. Though its unfortunate that women have to make such an effort when men don't. Then again I always preferred the "rough and ready" look in men rather than the "highly groomed" look!

  2. Some of it's cultural. Women in some parts of the world don't do half the things women do in other parts of the world. You have a point though.

    However, any guy who is attracted to a woman simply because of the effort she puts forth is rather shallow. Personally I've always preferred the girls who are minimalists in using makeup and wearing fancy clothes.

    Since we are humans and not animals, I think both sides should try hard, not just one.

  3. a lot of guys actually think a girl is prettier when she's not all dolled up. but i also think that getting dressed up is fun :)

  4. Hazel: I'm in the middle, I think. I like it when guys look nice, but the Jay Manuel type is definitely not for me.

    JW: That's true, I didn't think about that. And I agree, if looks are all that matters, good luck with a lasting relationship. I think you're right, both sides should try.

    Natalie: True, true. But then why are we so self-conscious?


  5. Freaking love this post. I'm definitely a minimalist, but it seems like just letting whatever NATURAL beauty one has shine through isn't enough to make guys gawk. Nope, it's short shorts and tight tops and loads of eyeliner and mascara. I am too proud a creature to make my decisions regarding my appearance based on what will make a stupid boy stare, because the smart ones will hopefully see past the superficial crap and see me for me (and superficial girls for superficial girls). I honestly think that guys NOT caring so much is a good thing… less distraction from the real person inside. The issue to me is that guys expect girls to make all that effort, that girls only do what they do because they want to be attractive. If being overdone got a negative reaction from dudes, fewer girls would waste time in front of a mirror in the morning pushing their boobs up or doing their makeup.