Saturday, June 11, 2011

Epic Paradox

The results are in! You voted and Tall Dark and Handsome Guys (TDS) won out over the Sweet Sensitive Surfer Guys (Triple S)!

Oh and guess what. On a totally unrelated side-note, I did NOT miss my 100th post. Blogger counts drafts and threw me off. I had 100 post including all the random nonsense I had saved, but not 100 ACTUAL POSTS.

So we can still do something special :D Any ideas?

What should I do for Pandora's 100th Post Celebration?



  1. LOL.
    Whoever thought that up is brilliant.

    And what's this about the TDS versus the Triple S guys? Did I miss it?
    ... dang.
    I actually prefer the sweet sensitive surfer guy because I like nice guys, ahaha.


    And there's been a poll on the sidebar XD But it ended. Now it's about berries :D