Monday, June 27, 2011

The Hunger Games

Have you read those books? I've only read the first two. I'm waiting for my friend to give me the third one XD But. If you have. This post will be of considerable interest to you because it's about the


They're making a "Hunger Games" movie!!! And we all just happen to know someone in it, by the way. Elizabeth is an extra in the movie, and you can click HERE to hear all about her awesome experience.

Because I hate spoilers I'm going to avoid talking about the actual story in this post. I'm going to just give in to my opinionated nature and go after my thoughts on the casting decisions.


Jennifer Lawrence

So, first of all, I wanna say that I didn't picture Katniss like this. I think Jennifer is too old and too pretty. But she IS growing on me, and I don't feel like she was a HORRIBLE choice at all. Just not what I imagined.

Some of the other considerations for the part I like a lot better. My two favorites were Saoirse Ronan and Emma Roberts. They look more "Katniss" to me.

Emma Roberts

Saoirse Ronan


Josh Hutcherson

My initial reaction to Josh Hutcherson playing Peeta was "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO{OOO}OOOOOO!" Because I don't really like Peeta {*ducks flying objects*} and I really like Josh {at least on a superficial, hottness-wise level}. I pictured Peeta as handsome, yeah, but more of a plain, bold handsome, not so pretty-boy-hott.

Alternate picks for her include Alex Pettyfer and Lucas Till, two even WORSE picks in my opinion. I see Peeta looking more William Moseley or Beau Mirchoff. I'm reeeeeeeally feeling Beau as Peeta. Like, that's EXACTLY what I pictured except Peeta's hair is lighter.

William Moseley

Beau Mirchoff


Liam Hemsworth

Originally I loved Liam Hemsworth as Gale, but the more I look at him the more I feel like Liam is more of a Peeta. I really like Chace Crawford as Gale actually.

Chace Crawford


Elizabeth Banks

I like this choice.


Woody Harrelson

GREAT choice! He's the perfect Haymitch.

And that's my opinionated ramble for the day :D I'm not super dissatisfied with anyone, don't get me wrong. I think they'll all do a good job. I've seen a lot worse (IMO) casting jobs!

Can't wait for the movie!



  1. I think they got the three main characters so wrong! Especially Peeta. Josh Hutcherson just doesn't look like Peeta! That's just my opinion anyways.

  2. I hate the character casting.
    I expected Katniss to be pretty, but in a rugged kind of way. Jennifer Lawrence looks too polished in my opinion.

    And I HATE HATE HATE the choice for Peeta. I always saw him as sort of weak, so I thought his face should be pale and have softer angles. But Josh Hutcherson... ick.

    I love the Haymitch. He gives off the same vibe as he does in the book. [:

  3. I agree, both Peeta and Katniss were cast wrong. The others I don't really care about as much.

  4. Hazel: Yeah :-/ They're not the people I would have picked for sure. But in the end it's about how good they can act, so we shall see :D

    Fiona: Agreed. Completely. And I didn't see Peeta as weak. He's described as really big and strong, but gentle, so that's what I was expecting. Josh Hutcherson is kind of...tiny.

    Haymitch FTW XD

    JW: Haha, I know what you mean XD Except Gale. He's important too.


  5. When I first found out that Jennifer Lawrence was playing Katniss, my heart fell down to my knees. I was so disappointed!! I had a specific image for Katniss, and she was nowhere near it. Hopefully they will give her a make-over and hopefully she will look just like I want Katniss to be. And as for Peeta and Gail, I am so angry. They are the farthest thing from what I wanted them to be. :( This movie better not bring disgrace to the books.

  6. I think if you watch Winters Bone, with Jen in it, you'll feel a lot better about the casting choice. That goes for everyone who was disappointed--I felt the same way, kind of ticked, until I actually saw her acting (and that role... very powerful). Plus, seeing her as Katniss, at certain moments of filming... so far, I'm happy :).