Sunday, March 20, 2011


Am I the only one who loves winking.?

Winking is so entertaining. It communicates so much. It's so much fun. And there's so much you can do with it.

Relationship Winks
Sister Wink = Love ya. Watch this.
Best Guy Friend Wink = Help me troll this person. Oh wow, nice. {And all the above.}
Best Girl Friend Wink = Wow, no one knows what I really meant by that except you. Did you see that? {And all the above.}

Other Winks
Guy-to-Girl = You're cute. I like you. I want to talk to you. Notice me.
Girl-to-Guy = Do you have the courage to talk to me? I think you're cute. Come here. You'll never get me.
Guy-to-Guy = We're having a bromance moment.
Girl-to-Girl = {See "Best Girl Friend Wink."}

And my personal favorite...

Random Stranger Wink: I'm just trying to screw with your mind. Did it work?

I winked at a random guy at the fair last year. He ran into a trash can.



  1. hhahahahhhahahahahahahhahaha im sooooooooo gonna have to do that now!!!!!!

  2. notification:
    sweet pea gave you an award.


  3. :D You guys really make my day! I'm glad you liked this XD It really is entertaining...

    Wow, sweet pea, thanks! Dang. My first award over here :D


  4. You're funny!!! ;) (do i get extra points for winking?)

  5. Your blog is cute. :) I saw you on Katie's blog.


  6. I love this post! Winking is like it's own language! So much can be conveyed with a wink!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier too!

  7. Esther: Why thank you. You do get extra points: some for the flattery and some for the winking ;) :D

    Miss Bleah: Gracias. You have quite a blog yourself.


  8. Becca: Oh yess. Glad to meet a fellow wink-speaker ;)


  9. Dude-----this is one of the most awesome posts I have seen in FOREVER!!!! Winking is one of my favorite ways to communicate, so all these different winks totally made my day. (:

    Love always,

  10. Lily: Sweet! Glad you loved it ;)


  11. lol, that's so funny! I love winking, but dare not to a guy{except my brother}. :)
    But it really freaks me out when a stranger winks at me. like you said, it messes with your mind, lol.
    Have a great day! xxxx~Kelsey

  12. Kels: I've just recently gotten up the courage to do it XD It's kind of addicting.

    You too XD


  13. ohmigoodness!! I totally cracked up at this post! the last part really put me over the edge. so hilarious!! Needless to say I LOVE this post{and winking}!! :]

    I found your blog through Lily's and I'm definitely following yours! ;)

    Much love,

    P.S. thanks for the laugh, I needed it :)

  14. Samarah: Sweet!! I LOVE making people laugh! I'm glad I could be of service :D