Thursday, March 10, 2011

Explanation + Actors

Hey, what's up.

Yeah, no question mark. When I type, I like to type the way I talk. When I say "what's up," my voice doesn't go up at the end. So, no question mark. Okay?

See, that time it did.

Anyway, glad you're here. {I'm totally aware that no one is likely reading this.} I thought I'd kick this blog off in about the worse way possible and post about next to nothing. I'll probably follow with posts about hott actors and crappy pop music and maybe some teenage angst and whatever else I just feel like posting.

Yeah, I am just that dull and shallow.

I'm actually not, but every once in a while, I get these shallow/girly/boring/profane urges to post something that's probably crap. That's one of the reasons why I started Pandora. I need an outlet where I don't have to worry about coming across a certain way.

See, I have a secret. But I'll tell you because I'm gonna be sort of vague and you won't know exactly what it is. Ready?

I have another, pretty successful blog. I'm talking lots of followers, cool layout, been at it for years, etc. But it was starting to feel kind of...cramped. I would think of something I wanted to post about, and then go, "Nah, better not." I wanted a blog where I don't have to do that.

Hence Pandora.

So with that said, I'm going to post about hott actors because I couldn't do that justice on my other blog, and if you don't like it, guess today is just not your day ;)

But come back tomorrow, because I have a good feeling about it.
These are more or less in order. "More" because I tried, "less" because they appeal to me in different ways, so it's kinda like comparing apples and oranges.

Stephanie's Top 10
1. Jeremy Sumpter {Sexy Scale: 9.5}
Yeah, he's #1. There's no doubt in my mind. You look at Jeremy Sumpter and all that's left of you are the chills running down your spine and your heart beating in your wide eyes. He has eyes that slice into you, carrying an aura of mystery, adventure and mischief. Something about him screams the contradictions of "fierce-gentle" and "strong-sensitive."

2. Hayden Christensen {Sexy Scale: 9}
I never understood the expression "I melted" before I saw Hayden Christensen smile. You know how in books girls are always saying, "He smiled at me and I melted inside"? Yeah, I never got that. And anyway, I'm not the melting type. Just period. But, he has something special. I'm also a sucker for the cocked eyebrow thing.

3. Heath Ledger {Sexy Scale: 10}
Have you ever seen "A Knight's Tale"? He's strong and tan and can pull off a British accent like no one else, even though I think he's Australian... For some reason I absolutely LOVE IT when he says "shite" in "A Knight's Tale." I don't know why, but it's sexy. He's like the definition of "sexy." It just sucks that his name is "Heath."

4. Alex Pettyfer {Sexy Scale: 8.5}
Yikes, the eyes! So sharp and intense. I love that. I used to think he was the sexiest thing in the world, but he's slowly falling in rank... Still, he's got an air of arrogance without being annoying, and nice abs. Nice abs always help.

5. Shane West {Sexy Scale: 8}
If you've seen "A Walk to Remember," you know why he's amazing. Bad boy turns nice but still kicks ass. It's just great. His character is like my dream guy, so that gives the actor some points too.

6. Zac Efron {Sexy Scale: 8.5}
Ah yes. Zac Efron. What can I say? No one can deny that he's incredibly gorgeous. He has the intense eyes, the crooked smile, the tan skin, the hair, the abs, etc. But he's not especially INTERESTING-looking, not particularly ORIGINAL, so that's why he's #6 and not higher. And frankly he's a much better actor than High School Musical gave him credit for.

7. Michael Vartan {Sexy Scale: 7}
Quite sexy, and also the one of the stars in my FAAAAAAAVORITE TV show, Alias. He's a little old for me, so it's borderline creepy, but he's still very attractive. He has a friendly-mysterious-fun thing going on.

8. William Moseley {Sexy Scale: 7}
He is gorgeous. There's no doubt. He has flawless skin, a strong jaw line, piercing grey eyes, and something about him that kind of screams "SMOOTHPROTECTIVETYPE." He's quite pretty in general. But kind of too squeaky-clean for me to find him SUUUPER attractive.

9. Johnny Depp {Sexy Scale: 6.5}Dreeeeeeeamy. And he looks the best with facial hair of anyone on earth. I think.

10. Michael J Fox {Sexy Scale: 6}
What can I say? He's just adorable.



  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog by the way, i get the wanting to start again when things get cramped espiecally when a lot of the people who read your blog become people you know.
    And i must say thank you for introudcing me to these yummy guys. Is this going to be a regular kind of thing? XD

  2. Haha, hey there :)
    Yeah, exactly. I was starting to actually become friends with my blog friends, which is GREAT, but it's sort of nice to be able to start over and re-spread my wings.
    Ooh, aren't they just gorgeous? *sigh* It may very well become a regular thing, especially whenever I see a movie with a particularly good-looking fairly often XD

    Thanks for following! I'm definitely enjoying your blog as well, haha :)