Thursday, March 31, 2011

When You Read This...

...I will be prom dress shopping.

Oh. Yeah.

Age 2:
My mom buys clothes, I wear them. The end.

Age 5:
My mom buys clothes, I wear them backwards because I think they look better that way.

Age 8:
My mom buys clothes, I wear them out in a month because I'm a tom-boy.

Age 10:
Shopping takes too long. My feet hurt. I'm hungry. When are we leaving? Can we go look at the toys?

Age 11:
I hate everything pink or remotely girly; other than that, I don't care.

Age 12:
I want the most expensive, sexiest clothes out there. I am told no.

Age 13:
See this black sweatshirt? I love this black sweatshirt. I'm gonna be buried in this black sweatshirt. I want to marry this black sweatshirt.

Age 14:
What's everyone else wearing? Okay, buy me a knock-off of that and let's go home, PLEASE.

Age 15:
>my mom doesn't buy me clothes because I "don't take care of the ones I have," AKA leave them in the floor of my room<

Age 16:
Ugh, let's go home--oh, hey. That's kind of cute. I would actually wear that. And I bet it would look good with that... It does. And with that belt... Oh my gosh. This is SO MUCH FREAKING FUN :O

Age 17:
I like shopping :3

Yep, as you read this, I'm probably having a lot of fun trying on dresses that look revolting on the hanger but end up looking good on a body. You can probably expect pictures. Au revoir!



  1. *shakes head* That pretty much describes my life!!!
    Have fun dress shopping....can't wait to see pictures!!!

  2. Geez Steph, wait till you have a credit card. It's sinful and criminal. :D

  3. Lily: XD Once again, glad I'm not alone.

    Psycho: Haha >:D I bet.

    sweet pea: Coming soon to a blog near you...


  4. God I wish I could be excited about shopping! I just don't like spending money. Strangely, I feel guilty when I do. I'm weird aren't I? haha.