Friday, March 25, 2011

Eye Like Eyes

Inspired by Miss Raquel.

I have a long-time obsession with eyes. Hence my profile picture.

Bet you just looked to the left. Hah.

And since Dandalily was hoping that Hott Guys would become a regular thing on Pandora, I decided to combine my two loves (eyes and guys) into this fabulous piece of work. Prepare yourself for a load of gorgeous as I present to you...

Stephanie's Top Ten Guys with Very Pretty Eyes
1. Alex Pettyfer
I look for intensity in eyes, not just color, and Alex hits the ball out of the park with his simmering stare. In color, his eyes are this neat blue-grey-hazel.

2. Jared Leto
Let's here it for both intensity AND color! I had a lot of trouble deciding whether he had Alex beaten, and I had never even heard of this guy before today. It's not surprise that he pops up when I searched for "actors with pretty eyes." Plus, he's like the older-man version of Zac Efron.

3. Wentworth Miller

Another guy I had never heard of. I'm not a big fan of his over-all face, but his eyes are fascinating.

4. Orlando Bloom
I think it's safe to say that we all know Orlando has GORGEOUS piercing brown eyes.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio
Another intense stare. The only reason he's a bit low down the list is because I'm not sure how unedited this picture is.

6. Zac Efron
So cute, so blue.

7. Paul Walker
They're so pale and interesting.

8. Shia Lebeouf
I'm not really a big fan of the guy, but I love green eyes. His have a smoldering quality.

9. Elijah Wood
Oh my gosh, he is just too cute. And he has MASSIVE blue eyes.

10. Chris Pine
They're so fascinatingly sharp and light.

And there you have it. Ten lovely gentlemen with pretty, pretty eyes. Hope you enjoyed ;)



  1. I actually did look to the left :|.
    It's funny I love, love, love blue eyes, except I always seem to go for guys with brown ahaha.


  2. Hahaha, yes! I love it. Blue eyes or big doe brown eyes are my favourite and Mr Leto omg he's eyes are the sex. There's someone else who has amazing eyes but i've gone blank. :|
    Oh well, you'll get a comment weeks later with his name probably.
    With Love Dandy.

  3. Felicity: Haha, called it XD I know what you mean, I end up doing the same kind of thing.

    Dandalily: Alriiight XD I know, his are incredible. I shall await your comment :D XD


  4. i have an obsession with eyes too. i have like a thousand eye pictures =P
    i know this one kid..... he has very very pretty blue eyes. if i ever manage to get a picture of them (stalker much?? mwahahah), ill try to show you =))) i think youd like them.

  5. *Swooooonns* ah Orlando Bloom is amazingg!!!! =D

  6. Just happened to find this, and I'm SO glad you included Elijah Wood. He's my favourite :)