Friday, March 18, 2011

Stephanie's Life is Average

Today it was 80 degrees and I went out to tan. Somehow, I only tanned on one shoulder.

Today I hardcore danced in the bathroom. To Celtic music.

Today I choked on an ibuprofen tablet.

Today I started a texting conversation, then immediately forgot and walked away from my phone for hours. Three times.

Today I searched my entire room for my house key, only to find it was in my purse where it belongs. How weird.

Today I realized I had an entire hour to get ready to go. I spent 45 minutes doing nothing and was pissed when I had to rush around the last 15.

Today I had to reach waaaay up to help my "little" sister with her hair. Depressing.

I've been planning on going prom dress shopping with my friend tomorrow for weeks. Today it occurred to me that I needed one too.

Today I read my assigned section of "Hamlet" and was so into it that I kept going.

My life is average.



  1. This post made me smile :) I do a lot of those same things like the random hardcore dancing but usually to 90's one hit wonders, spazzing about text conversations, freaking out searching for items that were right in front of my face, procrastinating with my getting ready time followed by stressful rushing AND my younger sister is 5" taller than me... i can totally relate :) you're not a Gemini by chance are you? :)

  2. haha... :)
    this is what a normal life is... :)

  3. Love this post. Welcome to the world of averages!

  4. Kristen: Haha, ohhh yess XD Rock on. I'm actually Aquarius :( Haha XD

    Haze: Ohh yeah. At least for moi.

    Psycho: *bows* Thank you, thank you.


  5. Ha, I like your average days....they're something like mine. *giggles*