Sunday, March 20, 2011


Apparently I'm a stylish blogger. At least sweet pea thinks so, which kiiinda made my day.

It's my first award over here at Pandora, so that's extra exciting. I really love Pandora. It's so freeing. I swear, the second I feel myself starting to fall into a mold or care too much about what people think or care too much about how many followers I have, I'm gonna smash myself against the sides of stereotyping so freaking hard.

Anyway. The rules of this award are to tell 7 things about yourself, then pass the award on to 15 Stylish bloggers. Which may take me a while to come up with.

1. Laura Ingalls Wilder and Ashton Kutcher have the same birthday as me.
2. It's really important to me that I like my boyfriend's voice. I'm single, but when it happens, I have to love his voice. Voices are one of the first things I notice about people.
3. I am allergic to the Three Ps: pets, pollen and peanuts.
4. My knees are slightly double jointed. I think it's gross.
5. My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July.
6. I don't think there should be a law about wearing your seatbelt. If it's not endangering anyone but yourself, the government should butt out.
7. I love God a lot and we're getting tighter. Which is awesome.

Alrighty now, 15 people with stylish blogs... I may have to go hunting for this. So if you are reading this because I awarded you and you have no idea who I am, this would be why.

1. Jezebel because...she loves/has tattoos. Automatic WIN.
2. Shurt'ugal's Post/Mary because...we think alike. So if I'm stylish, so is she. So yeah.
3. Dandalily because...Does this even need an explanation? The second you come to her blog you know she's got style.
4. Psycho because...she picks fascinating topics.
5. Kristen because...somehow she figured out the complicated process of getting extra fonts on her blog...
6. Haze because...she talks about Jesus on her blog. Another automatic WIN. (Even though I'm pretttyy sure she already got awarded...)
7. Katie because...she introduced me to Charlieissocoollike. I think I'm in love.
8. Lily because...she likes Relient K.
9. Miss Raquel because...she loves eyes and has a Latin blog title. Awesome.
10. Follows Your Heart because...she blogs in Spanish, which I'm trying to learn.
11. Bea because...her blog just kind of scream "stylish," along with the Alpha-Omega tattoo. {Greek = my all-time faaavorite language.}
12. Alyssa because...I love her header.
13. Tegan because...she has pictures of footies on her blog.
14. Andie because...her profile description rhymes.
15. Shannon because...we did the same tag.



  1. Thank you my dear :)

    I am also allergic to the 3 P's, and lots more on top of those. I'm double jointed everywhere, it is kinda gross isn't it?! I think it's cool though. Just think, you never have to worry about passing out if you lock your knees!

    I have already received one of these awards, so I am going to link your name and page to my awards page. I really appreciate it, and you deserved this award for sure!

  2. Thanks so much, Stephanie!!! Go Relient K. ;)

    And even though I just came across your blog----I love it already. Count me as a close follower from now on. (:


  3. Okay, now I can ramble:
    1. You are so lucky to have the same b-day as Laura Ingalls Wilder!!! She is one of my favorite authors. (:
    2. I totally agree! All the guys I've had 'crushes' on have had pretty cool voices.
    3. Count me in on the pollen and peanuts....blah.
    7. I totally love that you said you and God are, "getting tighter." I LOVE that saying....and, of course, I love God too. *laughs*

  4. Jezebel: Ooh, yeah, being allergic to things is such a pain, isn't it? I guess being double jointed *is* kinda cool :) It's just that I'm a dancer, so for things to look right I have to work really hard not to let my knees go back too far.

    Thanks for the link!

    Lily: Oh yes. Relient K has some of the best lyrics; they're so clever. And I love how REAL their songs are, you know? They're not super churchy and when they are, it's not preachy...Lol, lots of Ys.

    I thought sharing a birthday with Laura was pretty awesome too. I loved her books as a kid (still do!).
    Dang, another pollen-peanut sufferer XD It sucks, right?
    Yeah :) God and I getting there. It's pretty sweet.


  5. aw! darling Steph! thanks for giving me this award! i'm touched... really. and you are just soooooo sweet!!♥

    i cannot imagine someone being allergic to pets, i mean... how can the world be so rude to those who are... pets are very cute, and sweet... aw.

    haha.. but i love that you and Jesus are getting tighter! *hugs*

    p.s. i've already received this award, and my other followers might get irritated when i post another 7 facts about me.. haha. but i will surely mention this on my next post. thank you, dear!! loves!

  6. haze: I'm glad this made you happy! :D I know, it's sad being allergic to pets :( I love cats and they're especially sneeze-inducing for me.

    Yup, Jesus and I are on the way to BFF-hood.

    I understand XD Thanks for mentioning it :)


  7. sigh....oh, Charlie. :)

    thank you so very much for the award!

  8. Katie: No problem! I love him now. Wow. Awesome.


  9. Dear Stephanie,
    I just love that name. Thank you so much for the award. It just really feels great.
    And nice to read more about you. You're a wonderful person, except that I get all the peanuts you won't touch. :)

  10. Dear Psycho,
    Way to make my day XD You can have alllll my peanuts XD


  11. Congrats! This was fun to read. :) x

  12. Hey there! Thanks so much for the award! It was pretty complicated figuring out how to put those special fonts on my blog... but the truth is I couldn't figure out how to do it on the sidebar titles to save my life. Those are actually photos I created in Photoshop! hehehe

  13. innerchick: Thank *you* XD

    Kristen: I've tried so many times XD I get few steps in and realize that I'm juuuust not up for it XD That's a really creative solution to the sidebar dilemma. Good thinking.


  14. Oh, you are way to fookin sweet. I'll get on this right away. Thank you so much. And voices, if they don't have the right voice it tottaly ruins it for me. Remind me never to offer you peanut m's and m's though. Not that there that great. *screws up face* Oh anyway, rant rant rant. Sorry!
    With love Dandalily

    P.S Relient K <3