Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Check the Label

I was looking at the labels to my posts the other day, analyzing the trends. Here is what I have discovered:

I am not Sick much.
I talk about God twice as much as I am sick.
There have been three Holidays since I started blogging, and three holiday posts. Right on.
Although Writing is my life, I post about Pictures exactly four times more often than about Characters.
The label "Hott Guys" appears slightly more often than the label "Thinking." Hmm.
I have posted six times more about someone else's book than about my own.
But I was relieved to see that there are more Book posts than Movie posts.
The number of posts on Friends is nearly double the number on Family.
I have managed to refrain thus far from creating a "Brothers" label.
There is only one post concerning Work, School, or Shopping. Lawl. I'm lazy.
I talk about Books twice as often as I talk about Reading. How does that work exactly?
The second largest label is "Random."
And I talk about myself more than anything.

Sometimes, I wonder...

Yep. I just wonder. I guess I should slap this post with a Thinking label. Or a Label label.

You know what, I'm gonna label this post with everything >:D


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