Friday, September 30, 2011

The Seven Deadly Kitchen Sins

You may have noticed/known/heard that I am a bit OCD. {If you hadn't, you should make a note of my condition now to avoid later confusion.} In the kitchen, however, my obsessive pet peeves seem to be more prevalent, and they all deal with people leaving things the WRONG WAY.

Stephanie's Seven Deadly Kitchen Sins
1. Leaving the pantry light on. {Because it wastes power, looks stupid, and makes me think someone is hiding in there.}
2. Setting the sink on Spray and forgetting to switch it back. {Nothing like turning on the sink and having everything in a two-foot radius thoroughly spritzed.}
3. Leaving the trashcan drawer open. {Even the centimeter of a rebound is unacceptable.}
4. Leaving an empty box in the pantry. {Seriously? I WAS REALLY COUNTING ON HAVING A CHEEZ-IT.}
5. Failing to screw the orange juice cap on. {Have you ever gone to shake the orange juice only to have it explode in a geyser of pulpy yellowness? I have.}
6. Leaving time left on the microwave. {It just bothers me, okay?}
7. Putting on only enough hot water to make yourself some tea. {Inconsiderate hoe! Didn't it occur to you that your having tea might make ME want some?!}

What are some of your household pet peeves?



  1. For me #4,5,6 are pet peeves. I have a tendency to leave cupboard doors open. I never did that when I lived at home but I do it all the time on my own.

  2. Oh don't even get me started Steph otherwise I will babble on and on and become absurdly incoherent. I am OCD, most PARTICULARLY, in the kitchen!

  3. #6 Is a total pet peeve of mine, except they don't leave time on the microwave, ours blinks "End" over and over and over and over again... it will never stop until someone pushes "clear". I've seen it do that for hours!
    My other pet peeves are cabinet doors being left open, trash around the trash can and people leaving empty wrappers and such on counters

  4. Jay: That's interesting. I wonder if my pet peeves will change when I move out?

    Psycho: Haha, OCD people, UNITE.

    Riah: Still love your name. And DAAAANG that would be annoying. Ooh, trash around the can is one of mine too...