Sunday, September 25, 2011

Senior Pictures

Today, I am having senior pictures made.


I'm quite excited, but also stressed out. This happens once. ONCE. Today is the day that I must dress PERFECTlY, in a way that is flattering, self-expressive, and unembarrassing to my future self. I must be creative, yet tasteful. Unique, yet mature. Today, everything must go right because it is going to be a representation of me that will live on forever.

{And we should all know how much the concept of "forever" scares the piss out of me.}

And then there is the list of

Things I Cannot Do Today:

Have a pimple.

Allow myself to get pale.

Have a bad hair day.

Forget to brush my teeth.

Have dark circles from staying up too late.

Look fat.

Have allergies.

Happy seniors pictures day, yayyy...




  1. Senior pictures must be an American thing because I don't know very many Canadians...if any that do it. I'm sure you'll look great and I hope you have a photographer that really gets you.

  2. Oh, really? Huh, maybe it is. I never thought about it XD They got rescheduled 'cause of rain. *sigh* And I actually had a good hair day, too. Figures.