Friday, September 23, 2011

~{Wake Forest}~

Yesterday I met with the provost emeritus, Ed Wilson, of Wake Forest, which is the one and only college I have ever wanted to attend.

Basically, Dr. Wilson is one of the most important guys there, and if he likes me...well, that definitely won't HURT my chances of getting in. He's also my first cousin three times removed {which means he's three generations older than I am}, and I had met him with my family last year when I was junior. He seemed to think I was a good fit for the school :D

Last week my dad called him to say that we'd like to see him again, and Dr. Wilson seemed very happy and willing to meet with us. He also offered to PERSONALLY set up an interview with admissions for me {which actually didn't happen because all the admissions officers were at a conference XD} and he arranged for me to meet the dance director! :O

Basically, this guy is the absolute top dog of my #1 college, and he seems genuinely interested in me.

So yesterday, I got dressed in what seemed like appropriate attire for meeting the man who could single-handedly make or break my future, got in the van with my parents {we got to leave Sarah at home, hallelujah} and drove to Wake Forest.

I tried to memorize the way, but I royally suck at directions. As in, Cassidy and I get lost going to the movies on a routine basis.

As we approached, I started to get kind of fluttery and nervous. This was the first time I'd been to the campus while school was actually taking place. There were people, ACTUAL STUDENTS and POTENTIAL FUTURE CLASSMATES {not to mention hopefully a future significant other}, milling around.

I got the strangest feeling that I was NOT old enough to be there. You know? I mean, I'm seventeen, it's about time for me to get into college, but I feel so...young. I always thought I'd feel older than this when the time came, but I don't. I still feel like a wide-eyed seventh grader on occasion.

So anyway, we made our way to Dr. Wilson's office with no trouble and went in to see him.

Gosh, I just love this guy. I really do. He's the warmest, friendliest, most genuine and personable guy I have ever met. He just gives off this aura of being honestly interested in you as a person, and he makes a conscious effort to remember you. He always asks my dad about his job, and how the family is doing, and traces back our family history to remember exactly how we're related. He's just the most wonderful person I know.

And guess what?

I think he likes me. A lot.

I told him Wake Forest is my number one choice and why I want to go there:

"The educational philosophy matches mine exactly. I believe so much in getting a broad base of education so that you can do whatever you want in life! I think learning for the sake of learning is wonderful because it not only makes you a better person, but it better equips you to make the world a better place."

At least that's more or less what I said.

I also got to tell him about People to People {traveling this summer}. I told him about the purpose of the trip, and what it meant to me, and how my education had prepared me to fully embrace it, and how the trip itself was an education, and how the countries were different and what the people were like, and that I LOVED Italy the best, especially Assisi.


He's been to Italy.

And Assisi is his favorite too.


So after that amazing conversation, he told me that he had arranged for me to meet the dance director, and actually sit in on a rehearsal!

The director was a really nice lady, and she and a student told me lots about the dance program, and even about some scholarships associated with it. Then I got to watch the rehearsal, which was really fun. I think I can do what they do.

I left the campus feeling empowered. I no longer felt like a wide-eyed eight grader playing Going to College. I felt like an actual seventeen-year-old girl ready to embrace the next chapter of her life. Leaving Wake Forest felt like leaving home and I cannot wait to go back.


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  1. Good luck with college :D

    I think I've had that wide eyed feeling with every school I went too. I always felt too young.

    By the way, Blogger is messing up again. I clicked on your blog because I thought you'd been quiet for a while and here you have two new posts that I wasn't alerted about. I wonder who else this is happening to?