Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stephanie's Europe Journal Day 7

Day 7


"Today we saw the Sagrada Familia! And I realized that I had somehow miscounted the days til we go home! It's not 15, it's 12!! :O Somehow that made all the difference. I was walking on sunshine all day. When I wake up, it'll be 11 days, which is not that long!

So, last night I called home and cried :-\ Last time I didn't really, but I did last night >.< I was super homesick. For family today I was mildly homesick for other things. I missed Cass and Daniel and Bonanza and Sam. Cassidy a lot :(

The Sagrada Familia was AMAZING!!! I've never seen anything that beautiful or amazing in my whole life. It's so detailed and ornate...impossible to describe. It actually looks a lot like a dink castle, but obviously planned... The inside is even more incredible cool and clean and calm. And HUGELY tall. Jaw-dropping. It made me feel small.

Our guide did a good job of being unbiased about the Xianity. I honestly couldn't tell if he was a Xian or not. But he did say that Spain isn't very religious anymore, tho it used to be. And when the SF is finished, it won't really be used as a church. For some reason, that really felt heartbreaking to me. I almost cried. Gaudi {the architect} would be rolling over in his grave. Something so BEAUTIFUL, so purposeful can only be meant for God.

We also saw Flamenco dancing! It started out lame and I was like -__- but it got great!! I was impressed. And I got a picture with the attractive singer :D

So, I know this isn't important, but the hotels here are NASTY. They don't give us fresh towels or change the beds and to be honest I don't think they cleaned the bathroom between us and whoever came before, because there was a clump of hair on the wall when I took the first shower. I'm trying HARD not to think about it.

I am so happy that when I wake up, there will only be 11 days left :) My brain has never been so full! Tomorrow we're going to France! I'll be getting Sarah's, Katie's, and probably Momma's presents soon.

I miss them. I do NOT like one of my roommates. And the hotels are making my skin crawl. I gotta ttyl."



  1. Lucky girl, getting to travel :)

  2. I know! :D I can't believe I got to do that, lol.