Monday, September 12, 2011

My Blog Has Been Dug

So, Jay awarded me, like an embarrassingly long time ago >.< And I'm just now officially accepting it. *sigh* Sometimes I'm not that great. But anyway, Jay Digs My Blog.

So he gave me that ^

Now all I have to do to be officially Dug is thank Jay {...thanks, Jay XD} and tell you three random facts about myself, which shouldn't be hard because most facts I would share with you would be pretty random anyway.

1. I cannot stand spit.
2. I leave the blinds on my middle window open all the time. {Even when I'm changing, which is really bad discretion when I think about it.}
3. I used to be terrified of becoming autistic.

Now, I must pass on this award to three blogs that I Dig.

Beauty Like a Kaleidoscope
A Collection of Reflections
Almost by Not Quite

The end :D Thanks, Jay!



  1. I think it's fair trade. You may have noticed I haven't done the Dear You letter you passed on to me a while ago :p

  2. Speaking of recognition, check this out!
    You've been TAGGED! =)

  3. Jay: Haha, I had not...I'm completely forgetful.

    Psycho: Why thanks!