Saturday, September 17, 2011


Thanks for following, Riah and the late phoenix! I had a character named Ria once. No H. She was cool. Kind of annoying though. Anyway.

I have a surprise for you guys: I'm not really a nice person.

I mean, sometimes I am, and maybe deep down I REALLY AM, but there's a very big part of me that isn't. First of all, I have a low "idiot tolerance." In my book, "idiots" include the following:

People who take too long to get a joke.
People who giggle too much.
People with no backbone.
People without opinions.
People who spell badly.
People who do not take hints.
People who ruin jokes by doing the above.

Note: If someone does any of those things occasionally, I will occasionally view them as an Idiot. The label isn't necessarily a permanent fixture, although it can become one rather quickly.

If I classify you as an idiot, I will do one of three things:

Stare at you with an expression of poorly concealed distaste {if you're my sister}.
Rant about you to my Functioning Best Friend, Cassidy {if you're a mutual friend}.
Immortalize your moronism in a story {if you're anyone else}.

Or blog about you.

You see today the person that is setting my teeth on edge is a fellow blogger. Actually no, just a blogger. I am not associating this person in the same circle of the blogosphere as myself.

{Also, be at peace; if you are reading this, you're not the person I'm talking about.}

This person, for whatever reason, has been a virtual thorn in my mental flesh for a couple of years now, and to be honest I'm not even sure why. Some people just rub me the wrong way, and I guess it's not really fair to them. However, this person makes me want to leave very hurtful, very truthful, very rude, very accurate comments on his/her {not saying which gender} blog.

If I'm being honest, the only reason I don't leave such comments is because I don't want to look bad. It has nothing with me actually being the better person, it's about me wanting you to THINK I am.

This person is everything I despise in a blogger:

Unrealistically perky and cutesy.
Obsessed with getting followers.
Terrible at grammar and spelling.
Conceited as piss, although masquerades as the most humble flit on earth.
And {this is the real kicker} soaked in followers.

The specifics are what really pushes me over the edge, but I'm trying to be discrete for the despicable reason I mentioned above {not wanting to look bad}. If I knew you'd agree with me, I'd tell you who it is and maybe we could start some kind of group work-over on the blogger.

Haha, nah, that'd be mean... >.<

Oh, and this blogger made it big by taking my ideas from my previous blog {directly and without asking or giving credit}, begging people to come to his/her blog in comments to my posts, and sweetly asking me to promote his/her blog, which I did because I actually used to be nice, not knowing I would create this horrible monster.

Why, you might wonder, do I visit this person's blog then if it makes me so angry? The answer:

I don't even know. I guess maybe I get some sick satisfaction out of the blogger getting depressed every few months because only 6 jillion comments were left on the last post, not 7.

Next you might be wondering what I want to come out of all this. The answer:

In a perfect world, everyone would suddenly get sick and frickin' tired of the blogger whining and begging and guilt-tripping and click "unfollow." The blogger would then realize that oh, hey, maybe I shouldn't have ripped people off and manipulated everyone and swore not to care about followers but then turned around and had beg-a-thons for more. Maybe that's not a good way to run a blog.

You think?

*sigh* I may regret this post later. It's really very possible. And you might think really badly of me now. You might be staring at the screen going, Wow, who have I been following? And if you are, you're probably right. But it's all truly how I feel, and that's all Pandora has ever promised to be:

The honest-to-gosh truth, whether it be good, or bad, or ugly.



  1. Did you really post this on Saturday? My dashboard must be broken.

    Your honesty is refreshing. I don't know who you're talking about but I think your reasons for being upset are legitimate. I'll be honest and say that you might label people idiots too quickly but those are good reasons as well. I also wouldn't go troll someone's blog just because, but if there are good reasons for me to speak up I would in your support :)

    Do you know who John and Hank Green are? They say they like to 'imagine people complexly.' Not all bad people are simply bad or good people simply good. I don't always like that idea when I want to hate someone but there is usually (though not always) deeper things going on.

    You might hate me for saying that, I'm a guy and I try to fix things. I have noticed that in most cases the bloggers and YouTubers with the best quality content are seldom the ones with the most followers or comments.

    Since this is the place where you are completely honest I have to say I've never once thought "hmm, what Stephanie wrote there makes her seem like a bad person." The truth you might think is ugly could be the truth someone else is motivated by.

  2. Wow, you posted this on Saturday? My dashboard just now showed this post! I kind of have to agree to some of it. Sometimes those bloggers who say "in order to do 'so-and-so' you must follow my blog" annoy me occasionally...

  3. Oh by the way, when you mentioned you had a character named Ria, it reminded me of that saying "Careful, you might end up in my novel". Of course, in your case it might be "Careful, if your not nice you might end up in my novel". :)

  4. Jay: Yup. Blogger does that sometimes, it's happened to me too.

    Well thanks XD And yeah, I do, but yes, these are, and hey, thanks!

    That's a good point. But in this case, I realize that this blogger is complex. He/she is. And I hate every facet XD

    Psh, I don't hate you XD If I'm going to be honest, it's only fair you guys get to be honest too. That's interesting about the followers. I hadn't noticed it before, but in one blogger's case that certainly seems to be true... XD

    Gracias again.

    Riah: Yeah. *shakes head at Blogger* What a fail. And YES. Annoying. But worse are the ones who actually come straight out and say "HEYY, LET'S SEE IF I CAN GET TWENTY NEW FOLLOWERS BY THE END OF THE MONTH! EVERY BODY BEG FOR ME, 'KAY? THANKSSSSSSS ((((:"

    Aha. Mwaha. Mwahaha. Mwahahaha. Ha. Indeed.

    But obviously that didn't happen to you XD Ria existed before I met you :D