Thursday, September 15, 2011

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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*dreamy sigh* It's been too long since I did one of these posts.

First of all, is that name not ridiculously fun to say? Joseph Gordon-Levitt. JOseph Gordon-Levitt. Joseph Gordon-LEVitt. Joseph GORDon-Levitt. {My personal favorite pronunciation is the third.}

I posted about this guy a while back, just commenting on his resemblance to the lovely late Heath Ledger {may he rest in peace and fill my dreams}. I had never actually heard of Joseph Gordon-Levitt {hehe, that is just so fun to say...} doing anything, I just found him in leu of Heath.

But then I saw "Inception."

{INSANELY good movie, but THAT, my friends, is another story completely. The point is:}

Joseph Gordon-Levitt {*giggle*} co-stars in the movie as an astonishingly attractive sidekick-esque guy named Arthur. He's so attractive that it doesn't matter that he's named for a cartoon aardvark. {You know who I mean.}

Anyway, the 30-year old actor was born to a Jewish family in California. His parents met while his mother was working for radio station, his grandfather apparently directed the Doris Day-Rock Hudson movie "Pillow Talk," and his older brother {:D} Dan was a fire juggler or something until he died in 2010 {:(}. Joseph's career began at four when he starred as the Scarecrow in a community theater's "Wizard of Oz." From there he acted in commercials, and eventually movies.

BIG NEWS: Apparently he's going to have a part in the next Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises!" {Or is it "Rising"? I've heard both.} *SHIEKKKKKKK* I FREAKING LOVE BATMAN, I FREAKING LOVE CHRISTIAN BALE {Batman}, AND I FREAKING FREAKING LOVE JOSPEH GORDON-LEVITT. Oh yes. Oh heck yes.

Until "Inception" I had no clue that Joseph was as blindingly handsome as he is. I think he must just not be photogenic, for one thing {although his pictures are still pretty damn hott}. For another, I'm in love with his voice, and that obviously can't come through a picture. His character is also just hott, though I'm not sure why. He's not badass; he's very together, but in a suave, sardonic way. It's hott.

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for...

You're welcome.

He's also the feature on my {CurrentObsessions} page, and there are more pictures there. A lot more. {Hey, I don't call it an Obsession page for nothing.}



  1. Loved Inception, have no opinion on this guy though :p

  2. You have a great blog! Thanks for stopping by mine!