Friday, November 25, 2011

6 Ways to Procrastinate Your Novel During NaNo

1. Test Word's grammar knowledge. {Ah, it caught the "except/accept" discrepancy, but the "manner/manor" one seems to escape it.}

2. Ponder names. {What does it mean? What language does it come from? What are some common connotations about the name? Do any famous people share this name?}

3. Three words: FONTS. AND. COLORS.

4. Pick theme songs for your characters. {One more round through my entire iTunes library ought to do it...}

5. Fiddle with between-chapter-separators. {You could go with asterisks ***...or tildes ~~~ or a combination *~*~*. OH THE DECISIONS.}

6. Search for pictures of your characters. {"Short layered blonde hair green eyes mischievous teen girl" is going nowhere fast...}

You're welcome.


1 comment:

  1. Before I start any new story I spend literally half an hour trying to choose a freaking font! I'm never happy with my font choice because it always looks different on the printed page than on the screen to me.

    And my between chapter separators have always been *****. Old school and boring I know.