Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Henry Cavill

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*takes moment to breathe through the embarrassing giggles*

{Warning: This post contains an inexcusable amount of pictures. Like, I think I may have gone overboard this time. I'm sorry. I really am.}

It's been too long, my friends, and this 28-year-old actor is--without a doubt--deserving of a post, and for many reasons.

Firstly, because he's in a movie that's getting a lot of publicity. The movie is "Immortals," and it sucks. I saw it. {I got carded and was old enough to go in. BOOYA--okay, I am so not cool right now.} But still. Henry's face is out there a lot these days.

Secondly, because he's actually a good actor, which surprised me since he's been in exactly NOTHING I've heard of since The Count of Monte Cristo {yeah, he was Albert...or however you spell that in French}.

Thirdly, HE'S GOING TO PLAY SUPERMAN IN THE MOVIE "MAN OF STEEL" IN 2013. OH MY GOSH. DID NOT KNOW THAT. Too bad it's not Batman. Then I'd really be excited. But he does look more like a Superman, so it's cool.

Aw, damn. Never mind. The director quit and the new one recast Superman. New Director, you SUCK.

Fourthly, he's a good guy. *goes to Google to do research because she just BS'd that sentence* Yep, he is. More on that later.

And lastly, because he's actually a UNIQUE kind of sexy. It's true that he has the usual down: an outrageous body, piercing eyes, a tan. Check, check, check.

But he also has crooked teeth and a butt-chin, two things which might normally kill it for a potentially hott guy. But Henry works it anyway. He works it very, very well.

Despite all this, Empire magazine labeled Henry Cavill the "Unluckiest Man in Hollywood." In the past few years he was very nearly cast for Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter, Edward Cullen in Twilight, Superman in Man of Steel and James Bond in Casino Royale. He didn't land any of the roles.

I can't see him as Cedric or James Bond, but I can tell you right now he would have made a better Edward than Robert Pasty Pattinson. He makes a pretty good Superman, too.

His personality is apparently adorable as well. He's been described as "mysterious," "studious," "independent," and "loaded with warmth and compassion." He's also exceptionally intelligent and if he hadn't gone into acting he says he'd have liked to study ancient history or--are you ready for this--joined the army.

I love this guy.

He can be a very inspired speaker, but only when discussing something he's interested in, otherwise he's not a big talker. People say his focus will sometimes turn inwards in the middle of a conversation, and he's been described as "withdrawn." He has to guard against arrogance and the appearance of "I have it all figured out."

Awww :3 He's so cute.

Alright, now that I'm done rambling, here's the part we've all--including me--been waiting for: rampant pictures with no pretension to self-control or depth.
That's plain ol' good-looking right there.

Do you see that eyebrow? Because I see that eyebrow.

He makes a good medieval guy.

He looks so happy and dangerous in this one.

This is not even a flattering picture. But somehow I find it extremely hott.


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  1. He was recast in the last encarnation of Superman 2006 but next year's Superman 2013 henry Cavill is Superman!!!! :) YAY!!!!