Monday, November 28, 2011

This Pretty Much Describes Our Friendship

Kirsten and I have sat next to each other in class for years now. Among other habits, we've taken to writing notes in each others' notebooks. For instance, at any given moment, she might reach other and draw an evil smiley face, or a heart, or "I hate you" or make a large green highlighter slash.

Today I found evidence of one of our conversations from junior year as I was doing Thanksgiving cleaning.

I've typed it, but the it's impossible to type out all our drawings XD I've put them in *asterisks* for you. Kirsten is green, I'm blue.

Does Mrs. G look mad to you?

Maybe a little. I think she's annoyed about math & chem. Some of us are way too behind.

Ok I also think bc we got off topic in philosophy idk though ? I'm sooo excited 4 fri.!!

:D Me too! I love y'all! :D


:P I hate you.

<3 the feeling is mutual <3

*a broken heart with an arrow through it* Kirsten is the arrow of death.

*an apple* Stephanie is the poison apple of DOOOOOOOOOM.

Your face.


You are an ugly young warthog rabbit.

You are a phat toad with jelly & PB {I'm allergic to peanut butter XD}

*a dead dog*

*a fat toad frowning* Frowning aka Stephanie (Last name)

You're attacking an individual.

Ah, junior year :D We learned so much...

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