Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Life Hacks

Ingenious ways to make life better with little effort involved.

How to Get Out of the House on Time: Make your playlist the same length as the amount of time you have to get ready. Go from chill songs to more energetic. You'll be able to tell how you're doing on time by the song playing.

Buy Some Time: Need more time writing that paper? Grab a jpg, mp3 or some other media file and rename it "My Awesome Essay.doc" and send it to your professor. The "paper" will look "corrupt" and it'll buy you a day or two more.

Keep Motivated: If there's something big you need to get done, tell all your friends you're going to do it. The fear of looking like an ass helps keep you motivated.

Free Phone Charger: Next time you lose your phone charger, don't buy another one. Go to a hotel and say you think you lost it there. It's the #1 most left behind item at hotels, so most places have a big bin filled with every phone charger imaginable.

Free Hotel Reservations Cancelation: If you've got hotel reservations and need to cancel, but you're already within however many days prior to arrival your cancelation policy stated, just reschedule for a future date, call back, get a different rep and cancel free of charge!

Combat Acne: Persistent acne can be almost universally reduced or cured by sleeping with a freshly washed towel over your pillow.

Extend a Remote's Range: If you are opening a gate with a remote, and are a bit out of range, but it under your chin pointing upward. Your skull is a close enough approximation to a parabolic reflector to direct some extra energy forward giving you extra distance.

Go Straight to Your Floor: In an elevator, press the desired floor and door close button at the same time. No matter what other floors have been pushed, you will go directly to your floor.

I'm gonna have to try some of these :D



  1. Where did you get these?! These are brilliant :)

  2. Wow these are great tips Stephanie! I'm totally trying out the towel over the pillow idea... genius!

    Have a nice Thanksgiving!


  3. The getting out of your house really does work. Gotta try the charger trick. I think I may now remember where I lost my last charger.