Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Personal Preference

Unusual Things That Will Automatically Increase a Guy's Chances With Me
1. If he has a brother. Whether he IS the older brother, or just HAS an older brother, this will automatically get him a second glance.

2. If he has expressive eyebrows. There's no denying I am a complete sucker for this.

3.If he sticks up for me. I'm tough. I can take care of myself. Words are my weapons, and they work well for me. BUT. That doesn't mean I don't like to be stood up for :3 In fact, I do like it.

4.If he likes to argue. I like to argue, and therefore people who do not are automatically not destined to be with me.

5. If he appreciates Disney. Seriously. The classics are classics, and if you can't get into them...forget about it.

6. If he can dance. Although this needs a lot of qualifying. For instance, I do not mean ballet. CALL ME SEXIST, but guys who ballet dance are more often than not GIRLY. But if a guy can dance and do it right, it's hott. Hip hop or ballroom or something. But dance. Yes.

I'm picky pretty much everything. Books, movies, restaurants, friends... When it comes to guys though, it's different. I'm not picky.

I'm downright insane.

My lack of a boyfriend could be related to this. But I'm not sure.




  1. Hahaha I definitely agree with everything. I especially agree with the Disney one. I mean, someone has to watch Snow White and the Lion King with me! And I definitely agree with arguing too. Arguing is wonderful when no hard feelings are meant haha.

  2. I agree with every single one. :)