Thursday, November 24, 2011

(: thanksgiving :)

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can you feel the love tonight?

yes, i'm listening to the lion king soundtrack. yes, i am ridiculously, childishly happy at the moment. yes, i know i sound silly and this is probably not going to be the sort of thoughtful thanksgiving post you were expecting.

but it's all you're getting, so be thankful ;P

can you feel the love tonight? it is where we are.

we are here, with a blazing fire; slender bare trees; one-of-a-kind family; flavorful food; warm feet; shining eyes...

and love. lots and lots of love.

i'm so thankful for my life right now. life is such a gift, you know? the ability to hear, see, taste, touch, feel, emote, {write two-thousand more words on a nano novel}, laugh, cry, breathe, sing, write, read, wink, {watch charlie brown thanksgiving}, dream, giggle, dance, run, draw, swim, jump, play, think, wonder, decide,

and love.

we're so blessed just to be alive right now. there will never, ever be another november 24th twenty-eleven. today is the one and only. today is your shot. today is the beginning of the rest of your life!

what a fresh, happy, exciting thought.

so eat some turkey today, guys. have some cranberry sauce. laugh at your uncle's dumb joke. watch your grandma's favorite christmas movie. taste that nasty green bean casserole. live like you're happy. live like you're blessed. live like you're alive. live like you're thankful.

happy thanksgivings from pandora :)


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  1. :O My mom makes AMAZING green bean casserole! I have to admit I felt strangely giddy last night... Along with sad and nostalgic. Happy Thanksgiving!