Saturday, November 19, 2011

Girls Ask Guys...

and Guys Ask Girls. Theoretically XD It ended up more like I asked all my girl friends for guy questions, and all my guy friends for girl questions. I didn't get a lot of contributions from Pandora, with the exception of Jay. {Thanks!} Anyway, here's what I've got:

First, what have guys always wanted to ask girls?

1. Why do girls do things that drive them crazy? {This has to do with the fact that I read the blog of this blogger that I hate even though it makes me want to kick a kitten through an electric fan.}
Um. Good question. In the particular instance of the blog, it's almost like an addiction, an obsession. It's like I check the blog to make sure I still hate it. I need more justification for my rage.

I think that's true about most things that drive us crazy that we do anyway. But...I'm really not sure.

2. Why do girls go to the bathroom in groups?
1) To talk about you. {Haha--no. Seriously.} But not necessarily in a creepy, gossipy way. We might be talking about how much we like you. Bathrooms are like the Girls Only Club you weren't invited to in second grade. It's where we can exchange quick fears and any developments that have happened since the last time we could talk to each other.

2) To talk about other embarrassing or awesome things of a secretive nature that have happened. We don't necessarily want the entire world to know you finally confronted that beeotch about what she said last week, but it's too great not to share with SOMEONE.

3) To share make up. I don't really do this a lot because I'm paranoid of getting some rare eye disease, but a lot of my friends do. If a massive zit just rose up on your nose and you don't have cover-up, chances are one of your friends has your back.

3. What are some pet peeves girls have about guys that you never tell us?
Hm. Well, personally I hate it when a guy compliment me on my looks TOO much. I know that seems weird, but for some idiots it's like that the only thing they can find to talk about. Guess what? If you like me because I had a good hair day and completely ignore the fact that I'm a writer, I will not date you. Ever.

4. Why do girls make their boyfriends go shopping with them?
1) Girls think it will be a bonding experience.
2) Girls like to have their boyfriends involved in their lives, and shopping seems like an intimate environment to get to know each other.
3) Girls want to get things their boyfriend will like.
4) It seems cute and domestic.
5) I don't think I would do it. I mean, I understand all the reasons above, and somewhat agree with them, but I feel like it's just sort of...cruel. And it pisses me off when I see girls hauling their boyfriends around by the arm, demanding that they choose which jeans look better. Ugh. He probably doesn't care that much, and whichever pair he picks will most likely be the wrong one. Why put him through that?

5. Are women just as confused about their emotions as guys are?
Ehhh. Yes. Well, no. We're not JUST AS confused as you guys; we understand them better than *that* ;P But yeah, a lot of times we feel depressed or upset for no good reason, and it's quite frustrating. It's like there are two sides of our brains battling: the rational part that knows nothing should be making us feel this way, and the other part that wants to go read sappy journal entries and feel depressed over them.

Which...okay, doesn't make sense.

But then there are all the times when we get pissed off and it seems confusing to you because you missed something that seems obvious to us. Like not showing up when you promised, or telling us you don't care about something that's important to us, or forgetting something that we've told you a million times. Then no, we are not confused in the least XD

6. What are the biggest pressures girls face today?
There's always the age-old pressure to look perfect, but I think now there's actually pressure from other girls to be "tough." For a long time, the pressure was for girls to be ladylike and docile, but I think the pendulum has swung the opposite way, and hard. At least for me, I feel like girls constantly look down on others for wanting a guy to protect them etc.

Girls' turn XD Thanks Jay, Sam, and Aaron for helping with our questions!

1. What's the scariest question for a guy to get?
Aaron: If fear no questions.
Jay: What are you thinking?
Sam: Can I just say something?

2. What is the biggest turn-off in a girl?
Aaron: Selfishness.
Jay: Self-involvement. Being fake.
Sam: Being a stupid slut? Also, clingy. Too much is bad, not enough is bad XD

3. Do guys really try to figure girls out?
Aaron: Sometimes.
Jay: Yes we do, but then we get frustrated and give up. We are usually surprised by the different way in which girls react to the same event as guys. Something that we thought would make you laugh made you cry, or something we thought was no big deal made you have a near meltdown over. After trying and failing we just give up and eventually become too lazy to ever try again.
Sam: More or less. I've given up on it.

4. How do you feel about girls asking guys out?
Aaron: Totally fine.
Jay: Perfectly fine, although it must be done in the right way. If a girl is going to ask a guy out, she has to come across very casual, nothing clingy, desperate or crazy. At the same time she has to make it obvious enough that even us oblivious ones can read the signs. She should also be prepared for some people to imply she’s a boy chaser if she does.
Sam: It doesn't really happen much, but I'd be okay with it.

5. Girls can tell when another girl is pretty. Why can't guys tell when another guy is hot? Or can you?
Aaron: Not really, no.
Jay: Guys can tell but we’re afraid to do it. Most of it comes from a straight guy’s fear of being called gay, or of our own insecurity. But yes we can tell, and it usually makes us jealous.
Sam: Absolutely. I'm really good at it. All the time. At work, I'll talk to my friend Josh, point out hot chicks, and be like "Dude, would you?" And then I'll go talk to the female waitresses and be like "Dude. Red shirt, table 4, (*it's a guy*) would you hit that?"

6. Which is more important, the eyes or the smile?
Aaron: Smile usually makes the eyes prettier. So smile.
Jay: I really want to say both, but if I had to pick I’d say the smile.
Sam: Smile.

7. Does girls' crying freak you out?
Aaron: Nope.
Jay: The crying of girls in general, yes. We don’t process our own emotions well and so the honest expression of whichever emotion has lead to the crying freaks us out. However if the crying girl is our girlfriend, then we instinctively go into “I need to fix the problem” mode which isn’t what you needed in the first place. Likely all you wanted was someone to listen and sympathize. And if it’s fake crying just to make a scene or get your way just….don’t.
Sam: No, but screaming does.

8. Does acne bother you?
Aaron: Not really.
Jay: Everybody would be happier without it, but no.
Sam: Massive amounts, yes. Otherwise, Idgaf.

9. Is skinny better?
Aaron: Yes, as long as she's not a stick figure.
Jay: This is really getting into ‘eye of the beholder’ territory, but generally no. Someone who is healthy and who is somewhat secure with how they look is attractive. Personally, a girl’s fitness is more attractive than whether she’s ‘skinny’ or not.
Sam: Very loaded question. Fat is bad. That's what I'll say. I don't find fat chicks attractive. i know some great ones, but they're

10. How do you feel when a girl tells you "nothing" is wrong?
Aaron: That's girl-code for "something's really wrong."
Jay: Relieved and anxious. Relieved because it means we might not have to put forth the effort to have a serious talk with you. Anxious because any guy with a little bit of sense or experience knows you’re lying. We don’t know what’s actually wrong, if it’s with you, us, the relationship, or something else, but we know something is. We’re also afraid to press you to tell us more and so we don’t, and you probably resent us for it. Honestly, we’d rather you just tell us. What’s the point of saying ‘nothing’?
Sam: Same as when question #1.

11. Are you now scared stiff after answering all of these questions?
Aaron: See Answer #1.
Jay: Nope, this was fun. Great idea Stephanie!
Sam: Um, no?



  1. lol i loved reading the guys' answers

  2. This turned out well. Geez, there's so much blue there it looks like I can't shut up :p

    And thanks for your honest answers Stephanie!

  3. i love Jay's answers. and Sam made me laugh. this was a great post, girl. :)