Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gender Specific Questions

I was in a public school gym the other day, and there was a paper on the wall that had the grading criteria for gym class. Guys had to do 56 pushups to get an A; girls only had to do 26.

My friend Riley {read "this air-contaminating earth zit named"} absolutely WENT OFF about that, talking about how sexist it was and how if this is a REAL public school then they should be forced to be unbiased and fair to all.

Personally, I agree with having different standards. Girls and guys are built differently. You shouldn't force girls to do 56 pushups to get an A just like you shouldn't expect guys to be able to interpret ambiguous emotions. We're different. GET OVER IT, RILEY.

But there are a lot more differences between girls and guys than just body build. Our minds work with astonishing diversity. There are things that girls can't HELP seeing that CAN'T pick up on. It's very weird.

So that got me thinking: Wouldn't it be great to have the opportunity to ask all the questions you've ever wondered about the opposite sex?

So that's what I'm going to attempt to do.

GUYS {all, like, three of you that read this}: Ask the questions. The good, the bad, the stupid, the weird, the awkward. In a week, I'll publish a post that answers them to the best of my ability from a girl's POV.

GIRLS: Same thing. Ask the questions, but since I'm obviously not a guy, I've asked Jay {and possibly Sam and Aaron} if they'd help us out. They said yes, and we're in business.

So go for it. Ask away. This is {possibly} the only chance like this you will ever get. If you want your questions to be anonymous, send 'em to

Looking forward to this. I have some questions of my own XD



  1. I don't know Stephanie, about the gym thing: all people are built differently. I bet you there are lots of guys who are smaller than the girls. And since pushups are actually using YOUR body weight, they and pullups, already keep the difference in body type into consideration. Personally I think it is evil to draw arbitrary numbers like that, as everyone't strength and fitness levels are vastly different and it is a very personal thing.

    But this idea is very cool. I'll be watching the responses.

  2. Well before your friend go all-Gloria Steinem on me, I have to agree with Jamie up there.

    Certainly there are differences in anatomy and biology of male and female. But in terms of capacity and capability, somehow that need to even out a bit due to genetics.

    Now the mind thing and how it works, that would be interesting to look into. Am hooked. Carry on.

  3. Riley's reaction is the typical one from people who don't understand what true equality is. Men and woman are wired differently, not just in physical ability at times but also mentally. Anyone who's been in a relationship comes to understand this very quickly or the relationship dies.

    One sex is not smarter than the other, they're different. Men tend to be less emotional and more logical, problem solvers. Women tend to be more emotional, interested in details. They're different, but those differences allow us to do our roles in a family. Being equal does not mean the same and anyone who says so doesn't understand it.